Dealberg: Overhauling Procurement to Further Sustained Profitability

 Abhishek Emmanuel,   CEOUnderstanding the importance of procurement and supply chains and identifying their weaknesses has become important in the current globalized economy and business world. Apparently, Procurement has been witnessing an unprecedented disruption of technology adoption and operating models to streamline the process. Thanks to COVID-19, the developments in procurement have observed increased acceleration becoming process-oriented, agile, and data-driven. Given the technology reach, with the adoption of PaaS, the procurement as a service market is experiencing growth rising from $6.15 billion in 2022, to registering a growth of 11.1 percent from 2023 to 2030. However, in India where the market is still observing a lot of gaps in procurement, and even the largest of organizations/SMEs are faced with the challenge of best price and service because of lesser volumes, product counterfeit, improper procurement manager and vendor alignment, and more, the need for a complete and diverse supplier base has become more pronounced. As many companies are still adjusting to the change and updating with the latest trends and advancements, DEALBERG is a name to be reckoned with due to its active progression in procurement.

Adopting a Procurement approach that is aligned with its overall strategy and incorporates digital tools that include systems-enabled efficiencies (such as P2P Automation and smart contracting) DEALBERG is a Bangalore-based Enterprise Procurement Platform that endeavors to help its clients achieve their business goals by guiding them on a dynamic, transformational path to address their procurement challenges. Geared up to transform the way businesses buy and procure in India with the most robust technology intervention, the company not only aims at solving pain points focused on just procurement but the allied functions too assisting in day-to-day business needs including large bulk purchases in the most efficient way. Serving Enterprise customers in their Indirect Procurement function, DEALBERG tangibly saves 10 to 15 percent on Indirect spending with higher efficiency thereby enabling the enterprises to taste the e-Commerce ease and experience while raising their bars of efficiency.

“Procurement process is a simple P2P (Purchase to Pay) process, though theoretically same across the globe, but is different as per market dynamics. Where the others are a little more adept in terms of understanding and emphasizing quality versus price factor, India is rather elevating to the level where cost pressure always drives quality, and vendor-service alignment also matters. Our DEALBERG platform as a tech platform addresses all the procurement needs of international markets including India. We are very closely working with our
clients and have a very skilled relationship manager to manage the show across each of the locations or geographies respective of the dynamics there as B2B is similar everywhere”, states Abhishek Emmanuel, CEO, DEALBERG.

DEALBERG provides support in identifying cost savings opportunities through Buy Better and Supply Better levers, which entail everything from demand management and supply streamlining to negotiating new agreements and comprehensive schemes right through its technology app. For businesses that look for full procurement transformation, the company takes charge of right-sizing the organization, building capabilities, and identifying and helping roll out digital solutions for the same. “Distribution and Brand Connect is a challenge today with the competition rising. There are numerous invoices and numerous vendors coming forward every month, I thought why not bring them together, with all the proof of deliveries on the tech app itself, hence we did it and now are dedicated to the challenge mitigation”, says Abhishek.

DEALBERG works with companies in tandem to not only drive savings but also to ensure that they develop capabilities along the way so that they become self reliant. It possesses an overall experience of more than 50 years collectively of managing B2B customer needs. The DEALBERG team is focused and committed to the next era of revolution in the B2B space, enhancing the ‘reach for the brands’ and ‘increasing the accessibility of products for the customers. If you are a corporate, business entity, distributor, or reseller, the company serves you on anything and everything you wish to procure and supply. DEALBERG’s world-class buying platform not only lets a business buy what it needs but also provides great visibility of Spend Management, reducing costs and spending at the same time. The company is a solution or answer to a lot of industries like e-Commerce, IT, and more and for that matter delivers within the next 24 to 48 hours most.

The DEALBERG team is focused & committed to the next era of revolution in the B2B space, enhancing the ‘reach for the brands’ & ‘increasing the accessibility of products for the customers

“DEALBERG is basically a client relationship-driven enterprise. It works around with two kinds of customer acquisition/customer-facing process- one is a large client and large enterprise alignment, where a lot of discussions is done, products are tailor-made for them, over looked by our account management or relationship management team with constant communication. So precisely, we offer tailor-made solutions as well, i.e., as per the client’s need and which is why we are really a scalable model too for any kind of client or into any industry. Not only that, we are very say user-friendly too, as internet users in India have gotten quite familiar with e-Commerce style of buying. We did not really want our platform to be a very ERP kind of stuff only, which is why we have emphasized it into an e-Commerce kind of UI where a Procurement user finds it very easy to use. And this is why we are unique too”, adds Abhishek.

With certain strict protocols in place which are driven by the tech itself and everything managed as per the process with the customer’s consent on price, quality parameters, and a control sample sign-off for every product DEALBERG prepares QC reports for all the products supplied to the client. And then even for that matter, once delivery happens, the delivery needs to be acknowledged on the tech itself on the app by the user, so that everybody in the organization has the details. Hence, its tech base is again the solution and the answer for transparency of DEALBERG’s entire process.

Future Ahead
The journey through 2016 has been of high and lows overcoming challenges and COVID threats. Currently serving almost five to six large industries right now, DEALBERG is to be next focusing on the Horeca i.e., a hotel and service industry, including education and hospitals. There are a lot of innovations that are planned for. “A lot of fragmentation in the services that exist even now, we have rather planned to overcome in the next 18 months through our services to all the clients that they want in terms of purchases and procurement. We are launching DEALBERG as an employee regulatory platform where all the brands offer corporate employees services that are really good all under one roof. So our next scale is also rewards & recognition- a huge market driven by corporates in India”, avers Abhishek.