Savings and Security, vCISO Address a Two-Fold problem

This is a digital world where organizations host several TBs of information that is both sensitive and confidential. Due to the value it holds for competitors and cybercriminals, information needs to be protected. For some time now, companies have been hiring for the role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to establish and maintain the company’s data protection strategies and execute them to protect all the information and assets surrounding the various technologies used by the company. But, owing to remote working, many organizations have now started to shift towards a virtual CISO. Also, according to salary reports, CISOs cost companies around $200,000 a year. CISOs are important and not every organization can afford to shell out so much. A virtual CISO allows companies to avoid the expense of hiring one in-house, fulltime professional and only pay for the service.

A vCISO is a security professional who uses their cybersecurity and industry experience to help businesses develop and manage the execution of the company’s information security program. Virtual CISO also helps in forming the company’s security strategy. The organization’s existing internal security staff will report to work in ordinance with the vCISO and their team to carry on a strong security program. Additionally, a virtual CISO is also expected to present the security strategy to the board, executive teams, auditors, and regulators.

A vCISO has experience in implementing information security programs for diverse clients ranging across industries and business sizes, resulting in improved efficiency and accurate regulations. Virtual CISOs can work from anywhere: Instead of hiring someone locally or paying for their move, vCISOs work as consultants from anywhere, giving the company more flexibility. If you are looking to shift from a CISO to a vCISO or looking for an information security officer for the first time, we got your covered. This edition of vCISO providers can work miracles for your organization's productivity and safety.
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