Urbanization is now more than just about the Aesthetics

Historically, both urban design and urban planning branched off from architectural theory and then progressed through developing their own theories. Investigating theory, urban planning and urban design are strictly separated disciplines, where the feedback between the two processes is hardly found. Yet in practice, both disciplines operate in the same physical realm. Today, one of the most discussed agendas in almost every intergovernmental panels and meetings, is the environment and SDGs or Zero Emission Pledges.

Urban planning and urban design have a critical role to play in the global response to climate change. Actions that simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and build resilience to climate risks should be prioritized at all urban scales metropolitan region, city, district/neighborhood, block, and building. This needs to be done in ways that are responsive to and appropriate for local conditions.

Integrated climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies should form a core element in urban planning and urban design, taking into account local conditions. This is because decisions on urban form have long-term (>50 years) consequences and thus strongly affect a city’s capacity to reduce GHG emissions and to respond to climate hazards over time. Investing in mitigation strategies that yield concurrent adaptation benefits should be prioritized in order to achieve the transformations necessary to respond effectively to climate change.

Urban Planning has seen immense demand and growth in the past decade in India. It is one of the most sought after professions due to the power it holds to simply change the quality of life of people through very thoughtful inter ventions. As of today, India only has around 6,000 Urban Planners due to the field still being very niche, especially in smaller cities. This edition is presenting a list of select few urban planner & designers that take a holistic and globalized approach, in order to create solutions to our problems through planning solutions at an internationally standardized level. Do share with us your thoughts.