Saving The Rain

We recently saw how the Silicon Valley of India submerged under water due to heavy rain. We blame the poor drainage system for such mess every year. But most of us do not know that there was another major reason which led to this man-made crisis ­ rain water harvesting. Though the government has mandated to have rain water harvesting units in place to store rain water in every building, we fail to make proper use of such a precious thing. Due to the mandated rules, builders and people surely construct rain water harvesting units, but do not use the water rather drain them into the BWSSB's sewage network, which chokes the sewage and flooding system.

It is really an eye opener for us. As educated citizens we need to understand and take inspiration from people like Soumya Prasad who harness the natural resources like sun and rain water to make the world a little more livable. Soumya, a Debradun-based ecologist has not received electricity or water bill in three years. Don't we want zero bills for our water and electricity? Indeed. However, we need better solutions and implementation to harvest rain water, but more than anything else, strong determination & patience is the key to successful fruition.

If you are planning to contribute towards the ecology and harvest rain water, you need an intelligent partner who can not just construct rain water harvesting units, but also encourage people to use the water to ensure the city is never flooded again while also increase the underground water level. To help you do that, we at siliconindia Magazine bring to you `10 Most Promising Rain Water Harvesting Companies ­ 2020'. We have diligently reviewed several companies and handpicked the best to bring to you their story, strength and their future plans. Read to know more about these companies.

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