The Thin Line Between Life & Death

A country that produced only a countable number of personal protective equipment (PPE) for domestic use has in the month of July already exported 23 lakh PPE to five countries including the US, UK, UAE, Senegal and Slovenia. India truly has the power to become a global leader and with the right captain sailing the ship, the country is only going to go strong. On the other hand, the Make in India initiative turning to Aatmanirbhar Bharat, the spirit is too high to make the nation one of the leaders in healthcare equipment manufacturing.

India not only exported PPE kits but also ventilators produced indigenously. And with the pandemic still staying here for some time more till the vaccine is out, the world would need more PPE equipment akin to protective goggles, disposable masks, gloves, face shields, surgical gowns and more. India has quickly revamped its capacity to produce these items and will continue to do so to fill the future needs. However, the dark side of this sudden surge in manufacturing is that there are several players who have flooded the market with poor quality products that are equivalent to wearing no PPE kit.

Hence it is important that when buying PPE kits and equipment, one remains conscious of the quality of the product as these kits and equipment are the thin line between life and death. Hence siliconindia Healthcare Magazine brings to you `10 Most Promising Personal Protective Equipment Providers ­ 2020'. We have curated the names post months of due diligence to bring to you the names of companies that offers quality PPE products and nothing else. Read to know more about them.

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