TOAE Security: Defending Businesses Against Ever Evolving Cyber Threats

Shubham Mishra, Founder, Director & CEOThe war between information defenders and information thieves has been delineated as a cat and mouse game. As soon as the white hats counter one form of black hat malicious behaviour, another malevolent form rears its ugly head. As the cybersecurity threats, scale and class of cyberattacks are on the rise, today’s cyber defenders need to keep their eyes on the digital horizon to anticipate the challenges and develop new techniques & capabilities to enable businesses to understand, see and expel the threat. This is precisely the strategy of TOAE Security, one of the leading & trusted cyber security consulting companies specializing in security, technology services and digital security enablement.

Amidst today’s extremely adversarial surroundings, TOAE is dedicated to rework the method businesses operate with its unique capabilities to empower cyber defenders. Well aware of today’s threat landscape, TOAE has created a powerful guarantee to its customers, while surprising them with innovative easily integrable solutions. “We have established our own R&D team to develop security technology for our clients’ cyber infrastructure protection. Having international experience from business, intelligence, academia, and therefore the startup scheme, they continuously work on the new types of cyber threats and cyber-attacks,” underscores Shubham Mishra, Founder, Director & CEO, TOAE Security.

What makes TOAE an organization’s favourite choice is the keen importance it vests on gathering a thorough knowledge of the client’s requirements before suggesting them suitable cybersecurity measures that are beneficial to them both instantaneously and in a long run. The firm specializes in cybersecurity solutions which might assist its clients to determine gaps in their defences, produce an event response, and notify them about attackers active on their network. It even helps organizations with designing, building and running of cyber programs that overall assist in protecting their information and enhances their creditability among their customers.

A huge portion of TOAE’s customer base belongs to the middle class community, who demand intact quality at a nominal price. Maintaining fair equilibrium between its service quality and its worth, the company leverages its competence in covering a wide range of systems, range of vulnerabilities, styles of vulnerabilities & so forth to offer the most effective service a client will get for their money. “For us, maintaining relations with customers hold an upper hand over the profit margins,” remarks Shubham.

Dizzying Array of Services
TOAE’s professional consultants mix each technology & techniques with human social skills to offer the best possible security suggestions to its clients. Its Web Security service is certified, extremely customizable, SIEM prepared and fine tuned for obstruction threats with token false positives. Like wise, TOAE net Performance Solutions assist you to have interaction customers with quick, personalized online experiences, sectionalize you to extend revenue opportunities, gain IT lightness and scale globally. The company also provides protection in depth with its reconciling threat protection, serving clients to evolve toward a zero trust design and protects them from the most important & most subtle attacks.

TOAE’s Network Security Assessment Service tests client’s network infrastructure, which has servers, routers firewalls for vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and design. Whereas, its Security Monitoring Services provides action based insights from period of time analysis of client’s network information, which will drastically improve the time to discover and answer the potential security threat. Its Jack Ma Theft offering facilitates customers or employees to submit requests with an easy-to-use help centre and add to Jira Service Desk to get an integrated knowledge base. Machine learning intelligently recommends the right service and learns from every interaction, so answers are easy to find. When clients report a breech, TOAE Cyber Emergency Response Team takes over and helps to get their services back to normal within hours.

Besides providing internal network security services, TOAE also possesses the experience to assist clients to minimize the risks of cloud migration. Its Cyber Maturity services assist clients to rationalize the proper security technologies to shield vital
workloads, applications and data in an exceedingly cloud enabled world. Clients can rationalize & optimize security technology investments that improve potency, cut back value and change operations. It also delivers software system patches(protecting PCs, laptops and mobile devices) and provide malware protection, personal firewall, port management, full disk secret writing, email secret writing, application white listing and intrusion detection.

TOAE’s professional consultants mix each technology & techniques with human social skills to offer the best possible security suggestions to its clients

Defence Strategies
TOAE safeguards clients against the threats by conducting frequent cyber risk assessments, implementing smart knowledge security safeguards & observance systems (exploitation encoding, multi factor authentication or disaster recovery as a service) and by implementing robust confidentiality policies for employee onboarding process. It also conducts continual basic security coaching to clients’ employees, prohibits the employment of private devices for work activities and prohibits data access that’s not applicable to an employee’s role, removes their access to sensitive data post their off boarding process and conducts exit interviews & follow ups for every worker that rapt on to alternative opportunities.

Furthermore, the company creates a framework for in progress threat management, operational oversight, risk management, and regular reviews of client’s business partners as well as builds document plans to handle threats & mitigate the impact of attacks with a knowledge backup solution. As the cloud has a transformative impact on the safety technology of today’s businesses,the company caters to them with its specialization in virtualized security hardware, virtualized firewalls, and virtualized intrusion detection and bar systems.

The Proficient Team
Being extremely necessary for the development of technologies and therefore the services the company offers, its R&D wing operates at the division beneath TOAE’s CEO & CTO levels. The team offers management, technical, and material professional support for the big selection of analysis, development, testing, evaluation, and transition activities. The team works with analysis organizations, vital infrastructure operators and developers, and others to develop & fortify security technology to shield its clients’ businesses cyber infrastructure. TOAE conducts its run through partnerships between government and personal business, the working capital community, and therefore the analysis community. “Our talent pool captures numerous trends and predicts the cyber defence challenges and opportunities that digital enterprises would face in the future and prepares for the same in advance,” explains Shubham.

Its applied analysis team ideates, develops, prototypes and pilots leading edge capabilities such as Deep Learning and User Behaviour Analytics to analyse huge data utilizing artificial intelligence & machine learning to spot abnormal user behaviour and trigger a red flag to system defenders. With its team’s prowess in Secret Writing and Tokenization, TOAE defends client’s information right down to field and sub field level, thereby cyber attackers cannot monetize data despite a successful breach.

"Being extremely necessary for the development of technologies and therefore the services the company offers, its R&D wing operates at the division beneath TOAE’s CEO & CTO levels"

“If individuals don’t match with company’s culture, they tend to quit when things aren’t going well. Hence, I vested keen importance on hiring talents who are the perfect fit for our culture and believe in our core values,” divulges Shubham. The company follows an open work culture, where they obtain a transparent understanding of the organization’s vision without the obstruction of any hierarchical barriers. TOAE also organizes multiple coaching programs inhouse to keep its team updated.

The Success Saga
Being from a cybersecurity professional & Big Data expert witnessing the numerous cyber attacks worldwide, a natural conversation of taking action against these cyber threats erupted in Shubham’s mind. Determined to secure the world against cyberthreats with his own entity, he started to research about the vulnerabilities and the core values a company need to have in order to keep everyone from the frontline employee to CEO on the same page. Thus, TOAE Security came into existence in 2017.

“Starting a new business is essentially an experiment. I knew some of my hypotheses could be dead wrong or partly wrong. Hence, the important goal of my business plan was to continually produce and build on new knowledge,” shares Shubham. Unsurprisingly, this policy enabled TOAE to turn its clients into brand ambassadors and earn over 50 clients of assorted sizes including macro, micro & multinational organizations as well as leading government agencies, within just one year of its inception. This success is, however, just a stepping stone for TOAE Security, as it waits for the larger world to awaken to its prowess.

Key Management
Shubham Mishra, Founder, Director & CEO
Orchestrating TOAE’s strategy, sales activities & technology aspects, Shubham is the driving force behind the company’s growth, motivating his team & supervising all the engagements between the clients and team. His love for problem solving has always propelled him to do research and debug problems. Prior to TOAE, Shubham has been associated with multiple organisations in solving the network security and cyber threats. He is an ardent book lover & football player, who loves reading/writing articles and books in his free time on cyber security.

Case study
When one of TOAE’s client came within the grip of a deadly virus, TOAE’s R&D team immediately started the investigation. In a day, they found out that the hackers have performed a phishing attack on one of the client’s employees’ laptop. The virus was observing all their activities & stealing information from their personal server.

TOAE’s response team took all the infected system offline and cleaned it up to prevent any such kinds of attack in the near future and provided cybersecurity training to client’s workforce in cybersecurity to help them safeguard themselves in future. Till date, TOAE has been successfully protecting them against any cyberattack.