Pericent Technologies: Streamlining Roles, Processes, Documents & Policies through BPM/DMS via End-to-End Handholding

Sanjay Sharma, CEO & CTO  Hemant Choudhary, CMOPericent Technologies Founded by Sanjay Sharma (CEO & CTO) in 2007 with a vision of incorporating innovation in enterprise technology, Pericent Technologies today stands tall with a decade of experience in delivering workflow, BPM, jBPM, BRMS and Complex Business Rules based enterprise technology solutions to well-known global companies, including Owens-Illinois, Genpact, GCG, Progress, Pepsico, Lombard, Reliance and Niyogin, to name a few. Its engineering team has developed in-house world class enterprise platforms named bpmEdge – Enterprise BPM platform, and docEdge - an Enterprise DMS platform. Launched in 2017, these products take Pericent’s reputation as a competent enterprise solution provider and build it even further as a unique end-to-end solution provider.

Whether it is BFSI, NBFC, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing or New Age Startups, each organization has Roles, Policies, Documents & Processes at the core of their business. Pericent is on a mission to automate these four important lines of the growth by innovating solutions that are easy to interact, intelligent to perform, and integrated to deliver.

Industry Pain Points & Addressing them in Detail
A general tendency of large enterprises is being to rely on technology giants or big brands, which also worked alright in few cases. But now, world is changing and business are rapidly evolving; thus demanding more agility to adapt change and counter the competition. For example, in case of BPM, many business leaders who were bitten by a few poor implementations of BPM, shy away from it – the predominant reasons being poor ROIs. How much they invested and what they achieved out of it is the ratio which never can be defended.

Since for most of the giant brands, BPM is just a cog in the wheel amidst a vast portfolio; they’re neither focused on upgrading it nor has any drive to reengineer it. More interestingly, the implementation part is carried out by their channel partners who never played any role in engineering the platform and hence are not fully aware of how to utilise it to its maximum capabilities. In fact in most cases, implementation failure has nothing to do with the BPM technology, but rather a particular case where either BPM solution was not required at all or the solution was not the best fit because of the outdated capabilities.

Being the crafter of bpmEdge, the company is equipped with engineering around it, and its team first understands how & what business the customer is into, understanding their roles, processes, documents and policies, and designs/improves their experience through end-to-end implementation. “We’ve been advised to hand-over the implementation aspect to third-parties/channel partners and shed our entire focus towards selling the software license in order to be a successful software product company. But we would be happy with ten satisfied customers with less revenue than 100 unsatisfied customers with more revenue,” asserts Sanjay Sharma, Founder, CEO & CTO, Pericent Technologies.

Another ignored pain is document management; although DMS (Document Management System) is not a new technology and has been around for a while, surprisingly, it has neither been used in technology stack in full swing nor lost its importance in digital charm. Documents are essential ingredients in making business critical decisions and add knowledge assets among the enterprise’s intra departments. Loosing documents and recreating documents are significant cost to the organisation, and managing them poorly in storage servers also has its own limits. If document repository service infrastructure like docEdge DMS in place, organisation can build their document knowledge assets and effectively manage current documents requirement.

Enter bpmEdge - The Robust & Agile Intelligent BPM Software
Pericent’s engineering team crafted bpmEdge in-house using all latest enterprise framework and proven technologies which are best-in-class, highly secure and scalable. It is an agile and robust BPM infrastructure which integrates well with all other systems, including legacy systems such as ERP, CBS, CRM and SCM. Constantly chiselled with the zealous innovations of Pericent team, bpmEdge enables businesses to automate their processes to the next level. “We are making our software to think intelligently and embracing iBPM in the layer,” says Sanjay.

Successful implementation being the central core, the company sells not just the bpmEdge software license, but the entire lifecycle, and hence, it understands their business & challenges, and ensures where this BPM solution can fit and how can BPM integrate into their current technology layer -
above all, build strategies to extract maximum ROI out of it. On the other hand, this end-to-end route enables Pericent to forget its reputation with umpteen of success stories in terms of BPM higher quality implementation, which is hard to find in current market scenario. However, on the sales front, Pericent partners with third parties and educates them regarding where it fits in the customer's technology layer especially in this digital era.

Though the BPM industry is growing globally with 14.82 percent CAGR and expected to be $13.52 billion market till 2022, there is a lack of confidence in the available BPM solutions amidst CXOs. Why? According to the case study created by Pericent’ internal research team, the BPM solutions available in the market are outdated, stealth and very monotonous, offering no real user experience, not to mention the lack of digital experience as well as integration with different information channels, which is mandatory for today’s SMAC epoch.

If document repository service infrastructure like docEdge DMS in place, organisation can build their document knowledge assets apart from effectively managing current documents requirement

docEdge – Comprehensive Document Management Infrastructure
Another enterprise platform engineered by Pericent team with state of the art architecture-a comprehensive DMS called docEdge, caters central repository to capture, organise, share & search documents across the enterprise. It can be integrated to any other system in the technology layer through web services or RESTful APIs, which gives further flexibility to tech leaders to plan it for their existing technology stack as well as for any new technology stack.

Fostering Passionate Experts
The current BPM industry needs expert players who really understand BPM inside out – the knowledge of technology as well as business according to client’s industry. Without having knowledge about business processes, it’s difficult to map that on any technology platform, including BPM. Hence, Pericent constantly hires particular industry experts as consultants to understand specific business pain points and build strategies to over come them through its bpm Edge and its implementations.

“I’m a bit lazy at times, but that helps me to find the most efficient way of automating things to achieve fast and quality results,” divulges Sanjay. While designing solution for business problems, this efficiency pays off, as the Pericent team continually get accolades for improving operations and making things go smoother. The team has developed a tendency to pinpoint where things can be improved and make suggestions to the point where they will research and write plans to make things better - the ultimate goal being less work to do in the long run. The more complex the problem is, the more Pericent gets excited about, as they’ve tasted attaining the benefits of leisure by accomplishing the hard work early. "Success is more qualitative for us. If Pericent can help its customer to grow and make them happy by assisting them through our technology solution, it's big success for us," adds Sanjay.

Reaping the Benefits
In today’s digital era, leaders are confronted by the dilemma of investing in BPM over the RPA/AI/ML technologies that would take automation to the next level. Addressing this concern, Hemant Choudhary (CMO) argues, “Our engineering team is constantly innovating at the product level to empower our platform with all new edge capability, including AI and ML. But every part and aspect is equally important, isn’t it? If AI/ML is the mind and intelligence (which thinks & analyses) for your business, then BPM is the nerve system that takes care about the function of every part of the body properly”.

Leveraging the industry’s growth rate, its ten years of legacy and proven track record in helping customers through technology solutions in BPM industry, the company is geared up to make it big with bpmEdge and docEdge. Having launched these products in the U.S. with its strategic partner in June 2017, Pericent has received tons of positive buzz from domestic as well as global markets, and is in plans to launch in UK and UAE markets. Unsurprisingly, the company has multiplied its book value fourfold in FY2015-16 vis-à-vis FY2014-15 and grown its revenue at a staggering 50 percent annually, is confident about capturing 0.09 percent of the overall market share in next five years, which is $11 million. “We learned and learned a lot; our team has not settled yet. We have charted out a solid road map for both of our products with an aim to build ‘The BPM’ and ‘The DMS’ platform any organization would ever want,” asserts Hemant. Banking on constant innovations, Pericent shows strong signs of emerging into the go-to provider for BPM/DMS solutions.

Culture Driven by Innovation
Culture is something everyone talks about these days, and is very important to build great teams. As Pericent’s tagline depicts ‘Where Innovation is Culture’, the Pericent team gives away their dreams for innovations through engineering. “Everything is designed first with user experience in the centre always, and our team practices SCRUM/Agile methodologies, thus ensuring quality implementation/delivery on top of our platform to our customers.” adds Sanjay & Hemant. Great culture always delivers great team efforts, which delivers greater values to the customer.

Key Management:
Sanjay Sharma, Founder & CEO/CTO
A solution architect, BPM expert and deep technologist with astute entrepreneurial skills, Sanjay has played a pivotal role in building Pericent’s innovative and strategic approach in delivering technology services & solutions to global enterprises. Having over 17 years of industry experience, he has an outstanding track record in leading, developing and delivering large & strategic business process solutions for business-critical BPM applications for major corporate worldwide.

Hemant Choudhary, CMO
Hemant has always been passionate about marketing, design & technology. He believes in act leadership and has chosen his own way to implement things at professional fronts. A big believer of customer-centric approach, Hemant leverages 10 years of experience in design thinking approach, marketing strategies and new edge technology.

Offices:Jaipur (India) & Pennsylvania (U.S.A.)

• bpmEdge: An Agile and Robust state-of-the-art comprehensive BPM platform for optimizing and adapting ever changing business activities. BY monitoring rich dashboards and powerful wizard based Report Management, it ensures quick process re-engineering.

• docEdge: This Enterprise Document Management System is a Simple, Secure & Efficient platform to Capture, Organize, Collaborate, Automate and to Distribute documents across the enterprise and industry verticals.