Work From Home

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Workplace ethics and cultures have always been dynamic. But the 2020 Pandemic brought in the most dynamic change in the corporate world, which no one ever thought of. Work from Home became the new normal for everyone or, we can say the new romantic of the corporate world. From virtual meetings to working in pajamas at any time you want and taking naps between the working hours, no one could have ever imagined it back in 2019.

But the pandemic made this happen. And now when the world is again shifting back to the offline mode many employees are skeptical about going back to offices. And many corporates are also making a shift to hybrid mode. But the real question is what should employees prefer? What will be best for them?

So let's dive into the pros and cons of working from home to make his decision-making process clear and concise for you.

There is no wrong or right way of working. Remote working has its advantages and disadvantages

Employees Have More Authority
With the shift from offline to online mode, there also came a change in the way employees operate. Employees have become much more responsible for their work, deadlines, and the quality they provide. Now they no longer need their managers reminding them every time about the deadlines and getting things done.

Increase In Productivity
With remote working becoming the new normal, everyone was skeptical about whether this will lead to employees becoming less productive and will they be able to get their work done within the deadlines or not? But in reality, the employees have been much more productive during WFH. Remote working has saved them from commuting and of course, those unproductive office gossips which in turn has saved them time and they have been able to use that time to working and getting more and more things done.

Work-Life Balance
The best benefit of WFH, or what I will call the nectar for every employee has been the work-life balance. The benefit of working from anywhere, at any time, and in their comfortable fit has been the star of everyone's eyes. Employees are now able to take breaks more often and even take naps in between their work which has helped them improve the quality of their work and has also helped them in managing their mental health more efficiently. More youngsters can live their dream nomadic life by traveling to different places and working there. This has boosted creativity among them.

But all the glitters are not gold. There are certain disadvantages to working from home.

Employees find it difficult to make a shift from their work mode and enjoy their day-to-day lives. Few even feel they are working for the whole day but are still unable to get things done.

Remote working has also brought in some differences within the office communities and made it difficult for employees to communicate with each other even better.

So What Should Employees Prefer?
There is no wrong or right way of working. Remote working has its advantages and disadvantages. It will differ from employee to employee in what mode they are more comfortable working and what helps them be more productive.