Why Do Our Educators Need Teacher Training?

With her several years of experience in the education industry, Dr. Gandhi has managed to create a space for herself in the history of revolutionizing the academic system. She traveled across the globe and studied the education systems of 39 countries and spoke at several conferences including the recently held BETTA Asia.

The COVID-19 crisis tested every teacher's ability to adapt and innovate the new ways of teaching. However difficult it was, they were supposed to overcome the challenges with dedication, moving towards the new normal called `remote education'. Then came the National Education Policy 2020 that gave teachers an opportunity to improvise their teaching skills, add new ways of evaluation, and bring innovation to the classrooms, even if virtual.

One of the key factors of NEP 2020 is transforming the quality of teaching and putting teachers in the front row of modern education. But how can this be done?

Teacher training is about introducing technology at all levels of education and the rule is equally applicable to the teachers. An individual can gain proficient experience without settling on the education they have already received and figure out how to educate themselves more in order to teach better. This assists them in executing procedures learned at work and bring that expansive experience to the classrooms. The idea is to know how to switch between learning and teaching makes a great point in developing practical learning in the new age educators would who make it more relevant by imparting it further in the classrooms. Along these lines, it gives them a chance to constantly learnand redesigns their teaching methods to deliver the necessary competencies in an effective manner. The arrangement augments the extent of upgrading one's capabilities to remain industry-pertinent by directing workshops, courses, online teacher training modules which keep the learning lamp lit.

As we witness an upheaval in teaching and learning approaches, the requirement for valid, sound and educated teachers in the industry has intensifies. It lures more young people to pick teaching as a career calling which offers growth and exposure all the while. The growth milestone for proficient educators' means and increment in the compensation scale indicator. Teacher training encourages an ideal mix of learning and rehearsing for the teacher's group. It permits the teachers to rehearse more and upgrade their expertise of education.

With AI-based learning devices, educators have the option to tailor education and evaluation system for each student. They have the option to customize task, so students pick up as indicated by their qualities or make learning ways special to every student. By deliberately utilizing innovation, teachers have the chance to develop their impact and successfully advantage each student. It is evident that training should change significantly to invest in the classroom and advance `request based, conversation based techniques' as conceived under NEP. Educators who have embraced online through the Covid-19 emergency can make the most of the hybrid infrastructure including both virtual as well as physical education.

Organizations such as Global Education and Training Institute (GETI) are already making training programs for experienced as well as aspiring teachers for years. Their objective of changing the teacher training format with the help of technology has helped many become better at their jobs. While schools are moving towards virtual classrooms amidst the world pandemic, it is inevitable to help teachers overcome the technological roadblocks with the help of platform designers for schools as well as individual teachers. GETI has got the best teacher training program that helps teachers develop their professional thinking as well as techniques of teaching with new age methods and approaches.