Digital Ecosystem Build

Digital experience defines the need for engagement with 360 degree approach cutting across all interfaces. Usually business with traditional mindsets go with offline journey. Infrastructure build needs to cut across multi layers such as engagement layer, interface layer (API layer), core processing layer, Storage layer and finally analytical layer then engage back from first layer.

Basic principals gets missed while defining the engagement flow for digital customers. For example organizations invest in seo, scm, social media etc and other digital channels for attracting customers to come via digital tools. When customer engages through web, Mobile or other social media the flow and engagement needs to continue in same channel end to end. The effort put on to attract the customer by using various hooks becomes meaningless if you transform the engagement to later time through offline mode.

Organization which realizes to capitalize the eyeball and mindshare of customer will engage through the relevant digital channel. If customer comes through app or web and pauses his journey or needs assistance one needs to create connect interface with co browsing to help the customers to conclude journey.

Organization which realizes to capitalize the eyeball and mindshare of customer will engage through the relevant digital channel

Organisation needs to add creative digital workflow with intelligence. Usually workflows are defined and designed in silos across various function within organization. The interlinkages and connect to multifold view along with superior customer and partner ecosystem keeping experience in mind is usually missing across ecosystems.

Each consumption entity is treated distinct and different both in-terms of views, consumption and closures. When you stitch unified view to this with hierarchy principle it brings on benefit of continuity. Workflows build efficiency and improves guided decision making skills. It helps in measuring efficiency through turnaround time at each stage of workflow cycle for further optimisation and solving bottlenecks.

For example Employee, customer and partner when the have view and continuity to the consumption work-flows with interlinkages journey completion becomes faster, relevant, assisted and easier. It helps you to build commitment for delivery time with simplicity and perfection

Digital workflows both internal and external are very critical for rendering superior customer experience in digital world. Connect strategy by gauging preferred channel of communication is very critical part for engagement. This is built over a period of time by gathering data of channel connects in repository and deriving at preferred mode. One can add more analytical dimension like demographics, socio graphics, behaviour science and economics to arrive at meaningful contextual marketing.

It goes without stating explicitly organisations has to consider customer sensitive, data privacy while building digital experience plat-forms. Consumption and storage of customer data needs to be consent based specifying the usage in current form and possible future formats. Best experience you can create in this space is to display the data, digital documents, messaging and interaction transparently in post authentication space.

Digital engagement is about creating moment of truth.