3 Complex SEO Problems Faced By The Digital Marketer!

A Post Graduate in Media Management & Mass Communication, Zuber boats of a 12 years long career, during which he was associated with companies such as AVS Technology, Sony Pictures, Gleeba, Accenture, and Magnarevo, to name a few, and even incepted a company - Digiwing Marketing Solutions.

On today’s time, it is almost impossible for a business to survive without a digital presence. This is exactly why SEO came into existence and became a strategic opportunity for brands to attract more audiences. SEO dedicatedly works on expanding a company’s visibility in organic search results. It adds fuel to accelerate the business rankings on search engines and attract more visitors to the website. However, with each passing day, SEO is growing to be more complex and requires a regular check from digital marketers. Its presence has benefitted a lot of businesses although leaving behind some creases that need to be settled-down.

The three SEO complex problems that are faced by digital marketers are listed below -
Keywords Selection & Targeting: SEO solely works on keywords to rank your business on the search results. Thus, the most important factor of undergoing an SEO makeover is keyword selection and targeting the right pages. A digital marketer faces problems when the correct keywords are not targeted on correct pages, which leads to lower rankings. The main purpose of keywords is to attract people who can become leads, and later, customers.

It’s All About the Content: Having a creative content team that engages and compels customers to buy products or services is the need of the hour. Creative content helps build links, citations and social chatter around keywords that matter for the business. It is important that your content reaches the targeted audience. If the content is not strong enough to be able to attract consumers, then SEO rankings can ultimately fall down.

The most important factor of undergoing an SEO makeover is keyword selection and targeting the right pages

Google Algorithm Updates: Google algorithm with the help of keywords determines page rankings. With a combination of algorithms and several ranking signals, the search engine ranks webpages by relevance on its search engine result pages (SERP). It is essential for a digital marketer to know all the latest google algorithm updates to help with higher rankings. Also, if one fails to get accustomed with these frequent updates, there are chances that SEO can lead to lower rankings.

Website Speed & SEO Changes Implementation
The first impression that a visitor can have on your business is regarding its website speed. A low speed website can really be one of the most annoying things that will turn visitors off. This results in customers leaving the page and not coming back to it anytime soon. Website speed thus affects the businesses and serves as a major drawback for SEO. Mean while, technical SEO changes implementation is another factor that has to be considered by digital marketers. The sooner one implements the necessary changes, the quicker the results can be expected from the consumers.

SEO has evolved over the years, and it’s going to get complex; these problems of SEO can hamper your businesses. So, make sure that one checks it regularly and finds measures to overcome these issues.