The Future Of Solar Energy In India

He is a dynamic business leader who strongly believes in reversing the economic and environmental implications of today's energy scenario by strengthening India's solar energy sector.

Solar is the cleanest & cheapest form of energy today in the world. Solar-powered photo-voltaic panels convert sun's rays into electricity. This electricity is converted with an inverter and can power homes and businesses alike.

Solar In India
With more than 300 sunny days a year, India has always been considered as a high potential country for solar energy generation. As per the data released by the Central Electricity Authority, solar-generated electricity accounted for 50.1 billion units (BU) in FY 2019-20. This shows a growth of 28% year-over-year compared to the FY 2018-19. India's cumulative solar rooftop installations reached about 4.4 gigawatts (GW) at the end of 2019, according to a recent report by Mercom India. The Indian rooftop solar market is expected to grow at 25% from 2020 to 2025.

Benefits Of Solar
Solar is now the cheapest source of power. It is 100% clean power com-pared to conventional power like fossil fuel and can easily work along with other sources of power like conventional power or DG sets. It helps customers reduce their electricity bills significantly. Freyr Energy customers have experienced a reduction of 80-90% of electricity bills. A solar rooftop system pays itself. Customers can expect payback within 3-4 years. Another important factor is that rooftop solar panels require very less maintenance. They come with a service life of 25 years.

Recently, Freyr Energy launched its customer app - SunPro+ to address the issues, customers were facing and increase awareness

Challenges And Opportunities In The Solar Industry
A survey Freyr Energy conducted, was able to conclude that though there has been an increase in customer awareness regarding solar and its benefits, many prospective customers find the transition to solar cumbersome. The major issues highlighted by the respondents were

1. Lack of necessary information needed to make an informed decision on solar, in one place. The information is all over the place and most companies do not do a good job of educating the customer.

2. Customers end up having to rely on multiple entities during their solar journey.

3. Once the system is installed and commissioned, there is no proactive support for the customer

One Solution To All Problems
Since the inception of Freyr Energy in 2014, the goal was to provide world-class solar solutions to homeowners and micro/small businesses across the country. This has been achieved by using a combination of technology along with our on-ground sales and installation team.

Recently, Freyr Energy launched its customer app - SunPro+ to address the issues, customers were facing & increase awareness. It is the first of its kind App in India. SunPro+ will provide access to all the relevant information and offer a seamless experience from exploring to owning, and experiencing solar energy. Being AI-enabled, we can update the app constantly to provide information relevant to the user. We believe this will enable them to make an informed decision.

In the case that customer decides to purchase a system, they can directly place an order and track every step of the installation using SunPro+. Once the installation is done, it is easy to track the system's performance, savings, etc.

Anyone who uses electricity from the grid or diesel can switch to solar and become part of this green energy movement with ease. With the SunPro+ App, anyone will be able to make the switch confidently and realize their goals from solar, whether that is maximum savings in electricity bills or no dependence on coal-based power or something else.