The Power Of Business & Marketing Analytics

A marketing game-changer with experience in the company's services into an inclusive digital service and his skills and knowledge in content development, integrated marketing and video production is helping towards the future growth of the company.

Knowing your customer and their needs is crucial for success. Industry leaders find it seamless to execute a successful campaign when their marketing strategy is aligned as per the behaviour of the right target audience. Understanding the market for your product/ brand is possible with analytics- marketing as well as business.

While marketing analytics helps you to maximise your channel-specific ROI by measuring and optimizing your campaign activities, business analytics enables you to devise an effective data-driven strategy by becoming more familiar with the desires and pain points of your targeted customers.

1.Crunching Big Data for Efficiency
As per a report by Accenture, 79% of enterprise-level executives believe that companies will lose their competitive edge in the market, and a further 83% affirming that they have pursued big data projects to stay ahead.

Crunching data in simple terms means the preparation of automated processing of big data. Such large amounts of information is useful to gain deeper understanding of the processed data. Integrating fast data processing helps to keep your organization relevant in the ever-changing environment. It also enables you to make your current business model more efficient by harnessing business intelligence through platforms like cloud computing.

2. Shape Your Product Better
One of the most powerful performance metrics in analytics is keywords. Keywords can tell you exactly what is on the mind of the current as well as the potential customer. In fact, the most valuable long-term benefit of engaging in paid and natural search marketing is the keyword data contained within each click that is utilized to inform and optimise other business processes.

This is how business and marketing analytics help in customizing the product design or in other words, customize the offerings. Keywords reveal exactly what features or solutions your customers are looking for!

3. Optimise Your Team's Performance
Managing a team plays an important role in your success. It requires more than just appointing tasks to people. The efficiency brought in a team helps one to look at different perspectives, and encourages seamless communication. The measure of success is different for every team. Bringing together technical, interpersonal and organizational skills helps in cultivating collaborative business growth.

By using business analytics, people have developed various platforms to ensure everyone's participation and active interactions. This not only comes handy during campaigns but also saves time and avoids misunderstanding within a team.

Marketing analytics helps us develop premises to foresee how everything works for everyone, and decide how we might want to invest moving forward. Prioritizing timelines; streamlining the team, and the resources required to invest in channels and efforts are some of the critical steps to achieving success.

4. Get the Competitive Advantage
By merging business analytics and market-focused strategies, businesses are leveraging their monumental data assets by providing organisations with new ways to optimise their working models. Analytics identify and eliminate inefficiency that would be impossible to capture through conventional means. To maintain a competitive advantage, organisations are becoming smarter and more creative in resource management. Data analytics can help organisations to deploy resources intelligently. When pro- cessed insights are placed in the hands of business-minded individuals, they recognise ways to make better use of their resources without resorting to cost-cutting measures.

5. Strategise/ Use Marketing Tools
Analytical tools available in the market have helped businesses to use their resources smartly. These tools improve business and its operational excellence. Marketing analytics benefits its clients over conventional tactics. There are plenty of activities one could invest in to growing the business using the internet:
• Social Media
• Email Marketing
• Video/ YouTube Marketing
• Facebook Ads
• Google Display Ads
• LinkedIn Ads

Additionally, strategic marketing tools like SEO play a huge role in determining a campaign's success. If some-one buys ads on Facebook, they're essentially disrupting a random person who was browsing mindlessly through their feed. If they make posts on Instagram, people see that post as they're scrolling through hundreds of other photos of friends. The post may catch their attention, but not for long. On the other hand, when someone uses a search engine, they're already looking for something.

Marketing and business analytics work as two sides of a coin­ marketing analytics wouldn't tell the complete story without business data and vice versa. It is very important to track and measure the performance of marketing efforts and compare the results against the desired objectives. By using analytics, businesses find it easy to reduce unnecessary costs, maximise profits with data-driven decisions, and streamline marketing plans with their long-standing vision.