Reinvent with the Right Personality Development Program

Sugandha Mittal, Founder, Confianza Finishing School A Psychology graduate from one of the top colleges of India, Sugandha is London Image Institute certified and holds a diploma in graphic design

There always comes a time in our lives when we feel the need to reinvent ourselves and start afresh. For example, starting from a younger age if you are changing schools or going for higher education, if you are moving to another institute where you will be seeing new faces, meeting new people and teachers, or when we grow older and may be change job or take higher roles at jobs or even getting into a married life. It can be change of your lifestyle or a career growth there arises an urge within us to reinvent ourselves. So the importance of having a vibrant personality can never be undermined because only a person with a pleasing personality is remembered and recalled by others. The need to reinvent shoots up majorly when we are shifting from one lifestyle to another to cope with the new environment. At Confianza, we believe every individual is capable of shaping their personality with a little help and guidance.

How Would A Right Kind of Training Help?
Personality Development means different things to different people as it is some thing that is dependent on your upbringing, lifestyle and what do you need from your life. The right kind of training helps you boost your self esteem and confidence, provides personal and professional growth, creates personal branding and finally aids in associating and creating strong bonds.

When Do You Know That You Need Personality Development Training?
Analyzing your self is a good way to understand if you need personality development training. This can be done by asking yourself a set of questions like;
•Do I have a credible image at work and in my social circle?
•Do I have a powerful personal branding vision for my life and business?
•Do I come across as approachable, friendly, and charming to others?
•Am I an influential person? Do people get convinced with my words and actions?
•Do people find me having leadership skills?
•Do I feel confident when I face people both in personal and professional life?

This self-analysis is what assists you in knowing if you require personality development. At Confianza, we cover the development program with a 360-degree approach and provide training on appearance, behaviour and communication skills which we call it as ABC pattern. When we are talking about reinventing ourselves there is much more training required when you are reinventing yourself. There is a particular lifestyle or habit that you develop from childhood and now at a certain age when either you are getting into a new job or having your own startup or even getting into the marriage institution, there is a new lifestyle for you to adapt yourself and that goes beyond from looking groomed or having good communication skills. Self-awareness and goal fulfilment is what you need to focus on then. Unless an individual knows his weaknesses or strengths he would not know how much is the gap he needs to cover to achieve his goals. So what we work on is coach people to realize what their weakness and strengths are and then people themselves should be able to figure out according to their lifestyles on how they can overcome their weaknesses through their strengths to achieve their goals. So, we at Confianza believe that just reinventing outwardly is not enough rather having self-awareness and goal fulfilment is the correct approach for an individual to reinvent himself/ herself.

The right kind of training helps you boost your self-esteem and confidence, provide personal and professional growth create personal branding, and finally aid in associating and creating strong bonds

When we work with individuals we are working on their branding and it is not just restricted to personal branding, rather it also focuses on helping them in their career growth as well by creating a credible image for themselves and that eventually makes them a brand ambassador to their company. So, every company should highly think into engaging their employees into personality development programs for maintaining their standards.

Choosing the right kind of training is when you get the complete package of ABC; Appearance Behaviour and Communication and then the self management or your life management program where you get into the training of understanding yourself, your weaknesses, and achieving your goals by recognizing your opportunities and strengths.