Is SEO Marketing The Next Game-Changer For Educational Marketers?

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Over the years, the foundation of marketing in education has transformed drastically, and universities are now bringing in innovative approaches to market themselves. They have now realized that, in order to succeed in today's highly competitive marketplace, they need to upgrade their marketing techniques and keep up with the changing pace of the domain. Creating a brand name in the higher education sector has become of utmost importance to solicit the attention of potential students. Designing a marketing strategy that helps your brand get visibility, that is engaging and credible, helps in bolstering your enrollment numbers. The education sector has come a long way in terms of marketing practices. While some Institutes still believe in implementing traditional methods to reach out to the offline target audience, using various offline advertising and promotional techniques, exposing yourself to newer ways is equally important. The transformation from print, broadcast and outdoor advertising to digital, optimised, and keyword-based marketing techniques is the next step that organizations are taking in this cycle.

Now how can this be attained? This is when Search Engine Optimization or SEO Marketing comes into the picture. SEO marketing helps universities in gaining credibility, as Google search engine ranks you higher due to quality content.

Higher education is a highly competitive world and institutes are striving to get maximum traffic on their website and increase their visibility amongst their sea of rivals. SEO marketing not only drives this traffic but also creates a position that is strong enough to gain and maintain the trust of your user. Google, which is the most widely used search engine, has an algorithm that employs more than 200 factors to rank websites. This higher ranking on the search engine is the new way of marketing that helps websites imbibe credibility among users and proves to be valuable for education institutes.

SEO marketing involves designing the site in a way that it is user friendly, has interactive content, good speed, and is efficient to use

Let us now understand how SEO marketing can be the next game-changer for education marketing:
Increase in Brand Awareness: Unlike traditional forms of marketing that restrict the brand from experimenting with platforms, SEO marketing helps improve the brand image and visibility on the search engine. Creating brand awareness is based on a strategy that aligns your content and brand strategy that acts as a tool in shaping the brand perception.

The final evaluation of the web traffic and the conversions can be done upon rolling your strategy and getting real time insights on the brand awareness.

Higher Engagement with Institution: While the traditional means of marketing mainly involved one-way marketing, it lacked customer engagement. By adapting to the new age SEO marketing techniques, the engagement of your educational institute is boosted, which results in higher user engagement on the website.

SEO marketing involves designing the site in a way that it is user friendly, has interactive content, good speed, and is efficient to use. These factors, coupled with the use of apt graphics and multimedia content act as an uplifter for your website's search engine ranking.

This ranking benefits an institute the most during the admission season as everyone usually prefers being associated with big names.

Using Keywords for better ranking: Search Engine Optimisation has been one of the most efficient ways of marketing for educational institutions, mainly because it is driven through keywords. .Keywords are words or a set of words/phrases that the user enters on a search engine that is relevant to their interests.

Optimum use of keywords can be done to push the institute ranking and gain more page views for your brand. They need to be utilised on your website through content, URLs, Page Titles etc. This helps Google to understand what your website is about and then accordingly based on the combination of other factors, ranks your website for those keywords. This type of marketing is beneficial for the user as they find exactly what they're looking for while the institute also gets to tap the right set of audience.

Developing Mobile Friendly Websites: As the world of the internet is now shifting towards smartphones, using SEO marketing to create mobile-friendly websites becomes more of a necessity. October 2016 marked the first time that mobile traffic surpassed desktop and tablet traffic, with this number only likely to grow as smartphone adoption increases each year.

Having a mobile-friendly website is of utmost importance. This is irrespective of which mobile phone the user is using or what is the screen size of it.

Being up to date with the SEO statistics can help your brand grow in multiple ways and create a roadmap towards a successful marketing campaign. Although traditional marketing has its own benefits, with the advancement of technology combined with creativity, SEO marketing certainly brings in much more effectiveness into the educational ecosystem.