Impact of Robotics on Different Sectors in India

Avinash Bharwani, VP - New Business, JetkingTechnology is at core of every business today and is evolving rapidly bringing changes to the processes in all sectors. The new era of robots is set to reshape entire economy in India. Robots’ has the ability to move independently in the workshop and their capability to perform an unique set of tasks has grasped the attention of many businesses today. Recently, robots have emerged from the pages of science fiction into the reality and discussions of their possible economic effects have become universal topic for many.

New robotic systems today are bringing not just greater productivity but greater meticulousness to agriculture, manufacturing sector, healthcare, construction sector and many more with the help of integrated sensors, Agri machines, drones and other technologies. Not only agriculture sector is going through robo transformation but also the finance sector by using robotic-analyst to deliver monetary advice to banking clients. These inventions are not making humans capable but they are making humans super capable. Artificial intelligence augments the work they do and helps them do it better. Robotics could strengthen India's production capabilities under Make in India campaign but may not end up creating nearly as many jobs as it is poised at current scenario.

Meanwhile, there is ample evidence that robotics does not lead to job substitution but rather to a re-allocation of both jobs and tasks in which robots complement and augment human labour by performing routine or dangerous tasks. This in turn places a premium on higher skilled labour in the sectors in which automation has relieved labour but also may create new lower skilled
jobs in other sectors due to spill over effects.

On the other hand, if we talk about robotics in education system, India might not have readily espoused education technology but it's heartening to see how a traditional sector like education is using technology as an enabler so far. Currently, some technologies are being effectively utilised to further enhance this sector while grabbing the attention of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporates and governments.

Robots have already made their mark in education and other sectors, and will continue to dominate these sectors in coming years

The use of robots and technology has confirmed themselves to be worthy components of available educational resources. These technologies in the education system have proven their value in day to day learning and in the specialized education of students with disabilities. The use of robotics has allowed complicated medical procedures to be simplified, the work of dangerous construction projects to be safer and the discovery of our universe to be possible. It can modify the technique students study and eventually create a more knowledgeable and well- adjusted environment for student.

Students and professionals seeking to upgrade their knowledge can do it by accessing immense information from multiple sources which are there on cloud. This technology which provides information to the users through cloud avails user to take more and more control of their own learning, changing the way professionals and students learn. New generation’s Learning systems, Robotics and Artificial intelligence are getting smoother and extra streamlined to enable with unified learning, collaboration, synchronous (virtual) as well as informal learning. This system also has some great features such as getting connected to community groups, discussion forums, helping in conducting surveys and announcements enable learners to share knowledge and information on a real-time basis.

In terms of disabled students who often find communicating with other people, unapproachable and confusing facial expressions and nonverbal indications that other kids would easily pick up on are just harder to comprehend. Robots can look a little bit like humans but without all those confusing expressions that distract from what a person is saying.

With various types of technology that are available today, the robotics can be very useful to education sector. But it could also be harmful if the technology is not used properly by teachers and students. We may not be on the point of having robot teachers, but robots have already made their mark in education along with other sectors and will continue to dominate these sectors in coming years.