How Furniture Adds To The Theme Of Your Workplace & Defines Your Brand

Headquartered in Noida, Indo Innovations is a premier office furniture and sports infra company. Founded in 1995 the company produces world-class workstations, desks, tables, storage solutions and various customized modular furniture.

Unlike olden days, office furniture is not limited to a plastic chair, which most of the office staff would sit on, and a wooden table for files and registers. Today, office furniture holds a way bigger responsibility on its shoulders than it used to. It not only talks about your brand but defines it by its colour, design, style, type, and so much more. For instance tech giants like Apple & Google, which are known for technical innovations are equally innovative when it comes to their office interiors. From having transparent glass buildings to Pacific chairs, their interior defines their brand in a very unique manner that it is always a topic of discussion when it comes to office furniture.

Some brands which specialize in the Food and Beverage industry prefer red interiors in their restaurants. As a study says that it raises one’s appetite by looking at colour red, thus having red colour inside their restaurants perfectly defines their brand. Sometimes it could go a little further that we can see in a heritage hotel, which only uses antique furniture which is usually quite expensive but adds class to their hotel. The hotel owners believe that when the hotel is heritage, so what could define it better than antique furniture in it.

Furniture is however not limited to adding up these qualities only, as it may play a key role in making an office smarter by various means. For instance most of the offices have been shut down due to the global pandemic, as maintaining social distancing was becoming a challenge in the offices. Amid pandemic, many furniture companies worked on different ways to make the working places safer and smarter using the furniture, and came up with many different innovations. One such company is Indo Innovations, which is one of the leading suppliers of Modular Office Furniture and Sports Infra in India and has been serving this sector for about 3 decades. The furniture range designed by Indo Innovations is alone capable of making one’s workplace safe and smart.

Tech giants like Apple & Google, which are known for technical innovations are equally innovative when it comes to their office interiors

If we look at the evolving needs of an office, we would look around deserted office spaces which in order to maintain social distancing would require a whole new arrangement of their furniture such a way that there would be least physical interaction among employees. To fulfill these needs companies like Indo Innovations have introduced quite innovative social distancing solutions, from cafeterias to conferences.

Here a question arises- why do companies spend millions to buy furniture that adds to the theme to their workplace? As we know that a brand is recognized with everything that it has, maintaining its value is of the prime importance in any company. A well known brand would want to have their employees understand the brand and its value while working in the office. The tables, the chairs, the sofa sets, the desks, it is made sure that they are up to the mark of the brand value of a company.

These days many MNCs are coming up with the concept of a huge front desk painted in a light colour which would have the logo of their company designed on, so it leaves an impression to the clients during any business meeting. Here it makes it clear how furniture could define how serious one company is about their furniture. As they know that furniture is what is visible the most in an office, and thus having it shown like they want, could help adding to the value to their business.

As we have spoken about the olden times, when in the name of office furniture one would find plastic chairs and wooden tables which were too heavy to move, these days the focus is more on taking the furniture to its latest advancements. In a conference room in any company, one would find a projector, a big round table, or a long U shaped table arrangement, along with chairs, which is now being replaced by furniture which would nearly be as smart as furniture in the theaters. There would be comfortable ergonomic chairs, magnetic screen connectors, built in power sockets, IT box, and more, which would be the best to leave a great impression one a client or employee’s mind.

However in the big picture, we could see how furniture not only represents a brand or a work space but also talks about it, the way it is arranged or designed. This has created a need of having the best furniture range and the level has only upped for furniture companies to design more advanced furniture solutions which could provide equally comfortable experience.