How Body Language Affects Your Professional & Personal Life?

Rhea Punjabi, Image and Self Enhancement Coach As an image and self-enhancement coach, Rhea Punjabi is a certified Happiness Coach in association with the Berkeley Institute of Well-Being, California, and has studied image, style, wardrobe management and consulting from Image Consulting Business Institute, Mumbai.

Sometimes we ignore or we get petrify to maintain our body language especially while encrusting a veritable communication. We may want to deliver an idea but normally we fail due to misleading gestures and imprecise body language. For intense, verbal interaction and body language differs. If a speaker’s body language is overwhelming expressive, listeners are more likely to believe the body language of the speaker, not his words. After all, actions speak louder than words. According to Rhea Punjabi image and self Enhancement Coach – I see around more (than how many people please mention some statistic) who are prone to body language issues. We need to create a pattern which reflects a whole lot about our personality traits and seek expert an advice on it. Body language is a physical behavior as opposed to words denotes exactness if we try portraying it with a sense of positivity, sub consciousness and confidence. We must understand the phenomenal blend of positive, sub conscious and confidence is any body language which leaves the same effect on the person observing it. The same way negative is any body language that leaves negative impact on the person observing it.

Body language matters more than you can imagine for your Professional and personal life. Here’s everything you need to know

It is important to defuse negative body language which endeavours your performance to tranquility. Exerting strenuous efforts can cultivate positive body language habits and avoid other behavior that diminishes how you appear to others. Presence is everything! One must need to always look forward to present themselves in a best possible version. The way you carry yourself
along with the way your colleagues, clients etc. perceive you, graphs how successful your interrogations with them are going to be. It is as important as taking breath! - Say’s Rhea Punjabi.

Want to create a good impression and make your presence felt at your workplace and avoid career killers? Here are some tips

• Practice a firm handshake: A handshake should not last beyond 2-3 pumps

• Make eye contact while talking to your colleagues- it shows interest. Don’t forget to nod while listening to them. When a person tilts his head slightly to his right or left, it shows he is interested in listening to you. Do this often!

• Never point fingers! That shows an aggressive side of you. Instead use palm up position. It shows that you're trustworthy, honest and have nothing to hide

• Stop rolling your eyes! It shows you’re annoyed, skeptic or don’t take the other person seriously

• Not feeling cold but still crossing your arms? You are simply blocking out others and what they have to say. If you want to have a healthy conversation, uncross those arms now!

• Don’t forget: Your appearance (grooming and hygiene), body fragrance or odor and time sense (good or bad) are also communicating something about you!

• Maintain appropriate distance! Don’t get too close to your colleagues- that can intimidate them or make them uncomfortable. That being said, standing too far away from them can make them feel insulted. The ideal distance between you and a colleague should be between one arm distances away

"Body language is a physical behavior as opposed to words denotes exactness if we try portraying it with a sense of positivity, sub consciousness and confidence."

Using body language for healthy relationships

• Does your partner avoid eye contact? When someone avoids eye contact, it could mean that they fear rejection or they are hiding something. If your partner is blinking more than usual, they could be apprehensive about something that they want to talk about

• Do you often distracted by the phone or TV or that video game while your partner or friend is talking. Stop that now! It conveys that you don't care and aren’t really interested in knowing what they are talking about

• Have a genuine smile. A genuine smile crinkles the eyes and lights up your face

• How do you show that you are really listening? Nod your head, have open body postures, remove any barriers- be it crossed arms or physical obstructions like a chair in between, lean forward- it shows you are genuinely interested

• Mirroring! This is a beautiful technique to build positive relationships. Mirroring means imitating the opposite person’s gestures and postures but imitate only the positive ones!