How An Influencer Marketing Company Helps You to Create the Perfect Script of Your Brand's Story

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Over the last few years, influencer marketing has seen the most exponential growth among all marketing strategies.

Influencer marketing agencies help brands make creative branded content at scale. To get to the bottom of it, they try to find the best people for the job. They look for people whose content is inspiring and useful to those who consume such content. Influencer marketing, simply put, helps brands identify the best ambassador for their product or service and lets them create the narrative for the brand’s story such that it connects with the influencer’s followers

Four Tips To Re-Think And Innovate With Influencer Marketing
1)Prioritize values
Covid-19 has significantly disrupted the world. Though businesses should never capitalize on a crisis, this is the right time for companies to work with ambassadors to provide valuable and useful updates about their brands. These updates can include ways to be safe, plan fund-raising events; for those away from home, teaching them how to cook, DIY home cleaning techniques, teaching how to deliver products safety, and lessons in how to stay mentally healthy etc. A business must stay connected with the needs of its consumers.

2)Audience size is not everything
A more significant reach does not equal more meaningful results. Businesses need to identify their niche and work with people aligned with the value of their brand. Someone may have a massive number of followers, but 50% of their audiences might not be the target of a brands campaign.

3) Trust is not earned in a single Instagram post
Many brands look to create a viral campaign, but nobody may remember the campaign the next day. To be successful in any field, brands need to be consistent. Of the many ads, people see every day very few remember more than few most don’t remember any. No one is going to buy a product just because they watched one ad.

4)Brands need to tell influencers their goals but let influencers decide how to reach the objective
It’s pretty simple. A brand should spend time describing their goal but let the influencer reach it in his or her way. Some influencer marketing firms have seen 3x higher results when an influencer is in charge of the content creation process rather than when he or she is following a strict brief handed down from a brand. When influencers create the content, the final result is top-notch material that is relatable to the regular content-pattern of the influencer. For this reason, followers engage with it better.

5)Role of Technology
Technology plays a vital role in identifying the right influencers. It’s not very complicated; rather, the process is the same as selecting the right movie or ordering the right food. Information and big data help gather details about an influencer’s audience. While influencer marketing firms strongly prefer creativity when execution begins, to identify the right influencer, many have built an influencer and content search engine which is self-service software that helps anyone find and identify the ideal Indian influencer for their campaign. Brands can discover influencers using 20+ filters, any keyword, location, or category from a curated list of 10,000+ Indian profiles. Brands can find the analytics of any profile with the help of influencer marketing firms. Such firms have AI tools that analyze influencer audience by geography, demography, gender, age, location, growth numbers, and by analysing other similar influencers.

The role of technology doesn’t end with selecting the right influencer; it extends to measuring the results of the campaign. The right suite of tools and products help businesses measure the impact of their campaign by collaborating with different APIs of social networks.

Innovate and Be Ambitious
Some influencers don’t think long term. Some are interchangeable, while some are valuable for their reach. It’s best to work with someone who is genuinely a ‘Creator’. Creators are active partners who consistently make great content. With the right creators, businesses understand the difference between influencer campaigns that are short term and quickly forgotten and those which are inspirational and full of value.

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