Challenges In Vertical Transport In A Building

Ashraf Vadia, MEP Manager, Pacifica CompaniesPacifica Companies is a privately held, vertically integrated real estate developer, owner, investor and investment manager. The company has grown exponentially over three decades due to an unwavering commitment to opportunistic investing, maintaining high levels of liquidity, and having a knack for finding the right real estate at the right price.

Nowadays in a market number of the manufacturer are there and doing business, we are getting a lot of options in terms of technology, speed, finishes, sizes, type and safety features. We have a wide range of manufacturer in Indian and imported having a range from basic to Super Luxury. But there are many challenges in vertical transport in a building. Some of them are as below.

• Lift/Elevator Selection Without Basic Analysis of Traffic
Generally, people selected Lift / Elevator not based on traffic analysis as per the usage of the building. So in the end, while people using the same at that time having an issue of the long waiting period, high power consumption, reduce Lift/Elevator of the machine and if it's not maintained properly than safety is a major concern.

• Ignorance of Safety
Sometimes whoever sitting for final negotiation is a pure commercial
person and trying to reduce the price and sometimes compromise of safety. Also, some places to fit in the budget people are taking relaxation in such a safety feature (ARD, CCTV and Two Way Phone and more).

• Overloading
It's a very common problem of overloading at everywhere, as per standard Lift / Elevator carrying capacity define by KG & based on 68Kg per person, its define by passenger capacity. So, sometimes people are not getting the same and office hour, school hour, public places, it's getting overload and chances of misalignment, safety and more wear & tear.

• Selection of Feature
At initial stage developers providing Lift / Elevator having a great feature, TFF display, Touch Panel, Mirror and more. in vandalism people are damaging the good feature based on which Lift / Elevator selected. So, the actual motto of the same is not fulfilled, if feature selected based on usage of the Lift/Elevator than its good to have robust feature, material selection to avoid such inconvenience at a later stage.

• Misusage of Lift/Elevator
In industry, this is happening commonly, material Lift / Elevator using for the passenger and passenger Lift / Elevator using for a material. Due to the throwing of heavyweight material (Cement bag, Tile Box, Metal parts), it's getting misalignment and having an issue of noise, wear-tear of the guide rail, bushing, belts. So we have to take care of using the list as its designed.

• Maintenance of Lift/Elevator with Un-Authorized Vendor
Generally, people are going with the original manufacturer for the Lift / Elevator AMC, but sometimes it's getting difficult to manage the same with actual O & M vendor. One third-party vendor is doing AMC at a cheaper rate, there are chances of lower quality of material, untrained service person, the lake of knowledge of technology by the original manufacturer, so all these together create an issue at a later date of safety and security of person.

• Importance of Safety Checking
All Lift / Elevator vendor is doing checking of the safety of their machine and car during installation and handing over but at later date its customer/user duty to check once in a year. Safety certificate to be obtained from an authorized AMC vendor for each lift.