Benefits Of Digital Parking System In India

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Every country either developed or in the process of developing is plagued with the woe of traffic jams, and India is no exception. In fact, the country even topped the TomTom Traffic Index back in 2019, with four of its cities featured among the most heavily-congested cities worldwide ­ Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, and New Delhi. Purchasing a private car is expensive, and it is indeed a burden to the entire community. In the form of traffic congestion, environmental pollution and parking issues, primarily are the major contributor to the loss of time and fuel in huge quantities.

Present-Day Picture
The current parking scenario in high-density areas in India is quite dreadful due to inadequate or out dated parking management and govt policies. According to the IBM parking report, motorists drive for 20 minutes or more to find a relevant parking spot within a reasonable walking distance. It is a common phenomenon to find people coming to blows over a parking issue or traffic congestion. Most Indian cities have mismanaged parking systems, unfavorable use of existing spaces, little to no information on parking availability, confusing parking regulations, and inadequate pricing methods.

What Is A Digital Parking System
A digital parking system relays real-time data to motorists to spot vacant parking lots at their preferred locations. This process can be thought of as a parking assistant that lets you know of available parking spots ahead of time. Digital parking applications combine hardcore technology like sensors, cameras, and soft techs like parking management applications, consumer and operator apps, AI, and other app interfaces to make parking swift and stress-free.

In the form of traffic congestion, environmental pollution and parking issues, primarily are the major contributor to the loss of time and fuel in huge quantities

Benefits Of The Digital Parking System In India
The primary aim of digital or smart parking is to automate the time a driver spends on physically searching for a slot and paying for it. Even in its emerging stage, the new-age digital parking system has relatively streamlined the unstructured parking in India. By introducing technology to traditional ways of parking management, many parking facilities have experienced reduced costs, greater transparency, and higher revenues. Furthermore, parking lot owners can use digital solutions to levy dynamic pricing, which was impossible without technology.

When it comes to motorists, digital parking has an abundance of benefits to offer.
• Smart Parking System Reduces Traffic: According to a study commissioned by IBM, approximately 30 percent of a city's traffic is caused by drivers actively searching for a parking spot. Eventually, this results in the congestion of and around the parking spot. In the US, drivers spend an average of 17 hours per year looking for a parking space. We are literally wasting a major chunk of our time stuck in traffic, looking for a place to park.

• Smart Parking System Offers: A smart parking system is the perfect amalgamation of sensors, street lights, smart navigation systems, along with Online payment platforms to extend information to parking lot operators and drivers. The real-time data collected from the sensor system is then translated into actionable data on smart parking applications. These are further used by drivers which help them to take the least congested route, get an overview of the parking options, and also make payment via the touch of a button.

• Smart Parking System Reduces Pollution: A major culprit of pollution in our cities today is traffic jams. Traffic congestion occurs due to drivers searching for a parking spot. It isn't hard to imagine the pollution such vehicles cause ­ an estimated 10 percent of the average vehicle's CO2 emissions. A smart parking system can significantly curb air and noise pollution levels through sustainable urban mobility. It also aids in saving time and energy, reducing traffic problems, and also helps to bring down air and noise pollution levels. It uses sensors to gauge the availability of a parking lot, eliminating the need for drivers to waste time searching for space. By directing drivers to open spaces quickly, a smart parking system can reduce congestion and resultant emissions. Smart parking systems do so by collecting data in real-time and providing it to drivers immediately through a mobile application.

• Smart Parking System Reduces Parking Violations: In public parking management, violations are an issue of critical importance. This often happens due to the limited number of on-street parking resources that should ideally be fairly distributed amongst a huge number of visitors each day. While rules and fines are instituted to manage violations, parking rules are not followed diligently thereby causing all the troubles. Since there are limited traffic police patrolling around the city, only some of the violators are caught and eventually fined while the others remain absconding. A competent technology-based solution can reduce parking violations by identifying violators in time and empowering the city administrations to design and implement effective policies.

• Smart Parking Systems In Law Enforcement: Smart parking systems not only help drivers find parking spaces quickly but also enables law enforcers to track violations using historic and real-time parking analytics. Through the use of sensors and cameras, law enforcers can identify violators easily and quickly and even send them a ticket electronically. This increases the detection of violations, thereby allowing enforcement officials to act on them immediately.

• Smart Parking System Enhances User Experience: Smart parking systems can save both money and time for the user, resulting in a better parking experience in densely populated areas. With real-time updates on the mobile, easy navigation along with the provision of data for entry and exit points and quick payments, smart parking apps can improvise the overall efficiency of the parking process.

• Smart Parking System In Parking Reservation: Furthermore, it also enables the drivers to reserve their parking space even before heading to the location or before driving towards the parking space to scout for a spot. From identifying empty spots to paying Online, drivers can perform such various driving and parking actions with ease.

• Smart Parking Systems Reduce Management Costs: Parking lot operators are often faced with inefficiencies that arise from a lack of streamlined processes. One of the most common challenges faced is the failure to achieve cost efficiency. Smart parking systems can benefit parking lot operators by increasing efficiency thereby resulting in lower management costs.

The Road Ahead
When smart parking solutions come a full circle, Indian motorists will witness a fall in traffic congestion. Using digital parking solutions, a driver before leaving his home will log into a web or mobile portal to receive recommendations of available parking spaces closest to their destination. They will also be able to pre-book and pre-pay for the slot through an integrated payment system to save the usual rigors associated with the parking routine. Once the motorist reaches their chosen parking spot, the system will identify the car and issue an electronic ticket. The parking smart phone app will then navigate the driver into their selected parking space and also help them exit the lot eventually. This way, motorists get a touchless, speedy, and safe, smart parking experience.

The digital parking system has transformed the parking scenario into a smart format and will revolutionize the parking system. However, the notable fact is that technology for smart parking already exists. Various smart parking startups have emerged inrecent years, offering IoT-enabled digital parking solutions across several global locations. With the parking revolution all set to begin, you can bid adieu to traffic and parking-related woes forever!.