Belkin India: Premium but Consumer Centric Consumer Electronics Brand

Look around you! In your pockets, your home, your school, your office. On your way to the office or on vacation. Look at how you communicate with colleagues, loved ones, or people around you. How you cook, how you go about washing clothes, shopping, or paying your bills. Look at everything you do to live by every day of your life. What’s common? It’s something that’s hidden, inanimate, seemingly innocuous, but ubiquitous. And it has just overhauled the world. The answer is technology. As the versatility of technology has significantly led industries across the world through the extremity of dynamic evolutions, IoT and digital transformation have led the world to grow ‘staying connected’ using digital and smart devices.

With India making deeper inroads into the global engineering space and significantly investing in technology and manufacturing today, India’s consumer electronics design and development industry is witnessing faster growth. Moreover, as the innovation has been magnanimous across many consumer electronics segments including Smartphones, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Televisions, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, and Washing Machines, they are the smart & digital devices that hold the largest market share. The advancing consumer lifestyle and higher disposable incomes of India’s rich demography are notedly driving it, increasingly seeking advanced & innovative digital tech devices, as staying connected through the internet using power backup is more important than ever. It calls for an extensive provider to critically equip for this expanding demography needs. Belkin India, a computers & electronics manufacturing company, is one of such select few experts with a true grasp of the consumer electronics industry.

"Belkin as a company is a people-centric company and each of its products is built at the intersection of humans and technology"

Belkin India carries forward the legacy of Belkin from its well-rooted base in California selling its accessories in India for over a decade now. With a vast portfolio of extensively manufactured products for meeting people’s demand for innovative and quality- power, protection, connectivity, audio, and smart home solutions, Belkin India specializes in Mobile & IT accessories. While the noteworthy leader crafting this remarkable growth journey for Belkin India since 2009, remains Kartik Bakshi, Country Manager of Belkin India Private Limited, designing tech-infused products right around human’s evolving needs. Applying his 16+ years of hard-earned business knowledge and acumen, he has been the catalyst behind charting an engaging and applaudable journey for Belkin India through the years now, positioning it as the global luxury brand leader in power, protection, cable, audio, and connectivity. “Belkin is a people centric company and each of its products is built at the intersection of humans and technology”, asserts Kartik Bakshi, Country Manager of Belkin India.

In this tech-led world, Belkin’s target audience is anyone who owns a smart device such as a mobile, laptop, or tablet. Originally, where in India the company operated as a PC-oriented brand, with its flagship products being surge protectors, routers, keyboard mice, and more at the time, Belkin India has come a long way now. And even though surge protectors are one of its best-selling products in India, its mobility in the smartphone accessory lineup has taken the market by storm. While some of the company’s success stories revolve around its advanced power products, making Belkin one of the top brand leaders in wall charging, and further leading the way is Wireless Power.

In the Power segment, the company has launched a lineup of magnetic wireless power banks, wireless chargers, and wall chargers coupled with GaN technology, which is a new technology for developing more powerful wall adapters, but smaller in size. Belkin India is the first one to have brought the GaN technology (Gallium Nitride) to India. With product design from concept to completion as its flagship offering, the company also strives to offer solid warranties over its products followed by reliable customer support services to people whom they can reach out to five days a week via a Toll-Free support number or email. It also has 59 distributor branches across India with whom it works to assist customers on varied product issues including product replacement in necessary cases.

With a vast portfolio of extensively manufactured products for meeting people’s demand for innovative and quality power, protection, connectivity, audio, and smart home solutions, Belkin India specializes in Mobile & IT accessories

The Indian consumer landscape has improved positively over the years. Obviously work from home, followed by demonetization to a certain extent has pushed people to turn digital and be more tech-savvy, the numbers are largely constituted of Indian middle-class demography who have more discretionary expenditure on consumer electronics. But still catering to customers with technologically advanced devices to make their lives easier proves to be a challenge. Addressing this, Kartik mentions, “I believe customer education and customer warranty programs are the two most important points to keeping a customer happy, along with a good product.

To elaborate, educating customers on complex technologies and guiding them to make maximum & productive use of the product relays meaning to a product’s actual genesis & culmination of development years, and ultimately leads the organization on a heightened journey of newer product developments”. He also adds, “We at Belkin have Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW) in place that plays a major role in providing the belief to the customers that how well-built and quality assured are our products. To notify all, given the quality of products we manufacture at Belkin, our return & replacement rates are quite low and that speaks volumes about our brand and the products”. Its hardwired DNA around technology rightly serves the existing and evolving human needs, developing products with robust quality and prescribed warranty assurance.

The Holistic People-Centric Approach
The secret recipe behind its proliferous growth is its peoplecentric approach that’s developed after rigorous receipt of consumer insights. Belkin is a people-centric company and each of its products is built at the intersection of humans and technology. Working with different agencies, including inhouse agencies, and receiving customer feedback, Belkin understands and analyzes what is it that the customers want. Very few brands invest in the kind of technologies that leads to the efficient development of innovatively designed products, but Belkin works uniquely having entrenched an advanced testing lab3D & 3D-Print Labs, and a full design & quality team to best serve customers.

The Future Ahead
Having transitioned over the years to serving customers Belkin India’s journey is to be reckoned on, be it in terms of revenue or terms of its marketing innovations as it has always continued to improve while staying true to its DNA- providing customer-centric products. Though Belkin has already completed 40 years in the market this year, it believes the journey has just begun. Belkin’s power story is devised very strongly for India, and it has a full portfolio providing for it. While, the company is still maintaining a pole position in surge protection, which are also a big part of its business, Belkin is currently focusing on power accessories majorly wall chargers, power banks, and wireless charging. And another category, that it would not want to leave out and which has been doing well for Belkin is hubs and docks.

Having built a robust B2B channel for hubs and docks it has provided its solutions to some of the top MNCs, and corporates in India for their back office support. “Every category is important to us, but the one that we’re focusing more on and where we feel the market is growing fast is again Power and Wireless technology because the future is wireless & power. Our GaN technology-induced charger is a two-in-one product that can be simultaneously used for mobiles & laptops at the same time, while it also feels lighter to the pockets and acquires less space. Creating powerful products, but at the same time, answering customers’ needs through smaller but powerful products is our strive. Well, it’s not an easy job to be selling products in a competitive premium products market, but having the best team to back our developments, we being on the growth trajectory aim to become a major shareholder in some of the fastest growing consumer electronics categories in India proving qualitative and innovative”, concludes Kartik.