10 Popular Jobs That Require An MBA Degree

Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman, Director- Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), PuneCurrently working as Director of SIBM, Dr. Ramakrishnan Raman passion is to work and interact with the future leaders who will lead the corporate world in next decades.

In the present day, very few educational programs hold the requisite relevance and respect to span through a multitude of vocations. While niche specialized courses are getting imperative, no program has been able to match the stature and acceptability of the Masters in Business Administration program.

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) in its corporate recruitment survey 2019, three out of four companies plan to hire MBA for filling their vacancies and this number would most likely increase in the coming years. While an MBA is being pursued by people to propel into a progressive career or to inculcate a more mature professional outlook, the impetus of the MBA program will never take a back-seat. While the program offers a myriad of avenues, here is the list of the most sought-after vocations after the program:

Management Consulting:
Management consulting is an apt vocation for anyone who wishes to solve problems, from an organizational point of view. From churning out new ideas to devising new methods for problem-solving; management consultants are hired across various firms that include the likes of Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, Michael Page, Bain (BCC) among others.

Private Equity:
A stream that stems from investment banking; individuals with a stronghold on math and data can opt for a career in private equity. With companies like Religare, DE Shaw, JP Morgan Chase among others being the leading private equity firms, individuals can expect a lucrative pay package with exciting opportunities.

Data Analytics:
Digital revolution is on the rise and there is a dire need for individuals who can compute and make sense out of big data. With its utility across different avenues is being unprecedented, big data and data analytics have gained imperative relevance in the last decade. Individuals pursuing big data science
can either become data scientists or can choose to venture as data analysts among other avenues.

While entrepreneurship is a skill that one develops inherently, MBA graduates have the privilege of understanding the intricacies of running a business along with building priceless networking opportunities. An MBA also provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the possibility of securing investment through various business competitions and funds.

In the present day & age, marketing has become a dominant facet irrespective of the company generating revenue or not. Modern-day start-ups spend mammoth amounts on marketing & advertising to attest their position in the market, along with acquiring new and relevant consumers. With such a surge, marketing professionals will always remain relevant and their position in the market, indispensable.

Individuals pursuing big data science can either become data scientists or can choose to venture as data analysts among other avenues

Since time immemorial, MBA professionals have been associated with vocations in sales. And that is because of their ability to identify and recommend necessary changes in sales strategy, their ability to innovate and improve sales performance, their adept skills to analyze market trends to set benchmarks. These abilities, albeit traditional, have defined sales in modern times, making it an evergreen vocation.

Investment Banking
Investment banking, one of the most coveted fields in finance, deals with organizations, companies and government bodies to raise money and funds in the capital markets. Having sound strategic knowledge of mergers and acquisitions, investment bankers look into commodities, securities and other investment options. Individuals pursuing an MBA in finance often look at investment banking as one of the most sought-after career streams.

Health Services
Healthcare sector in India is diversifying and expanding rapidly, making it one of the most employable fields in the country. As an MBA graduate, individuals are expected to make sure companies adhere to government policies and execute processes in a seamless manner. MBA graduates are needed to oversee and co-manage healthcare facilities, along with managing the related departments.

Human Resources
A major stream in the conventional MBA programs, human resources or HR is the stream that is responsible for hiring workforce, their training, development and regulation, assessment of their performance while detailing about their benefits and compensation in the organization. As one of the most important functions of an organization, MBA who specialise in HR have been in demand since time immemorial.

Operations Management
In today's world, seamless operations are pivotal to stay ahead of the competition and to achieve exceptional brilliance. Organizations across the globe employ MBA graduates who are technically trained having knowledge about global management practices, to ensure seamless transition and operations in everyday business.