The Emergence of IT into Healthcare to Produce Better Career Options

C.A.(Dr.) Ruchi Gupta, Founder & CEO, is one of India’s leading healthcare service provider that aims at bridging the gap between patient & healthcare services to provide an enriched experience by offering services at doorstep, health checkups, and surgeries with its innovative healthcare packages.

The healthcare industry is one of the widely expanded areas of India in terms of economy. The industry is basically related to hospitals, diagnostics, medical equipment, and medical tourism. Although the Indian healthcare industry is showing exponential growth, the scope of development is yet to be discovered.

With increase in science & technology, the use of medical applications are increasing and IT has been quite understandable. Medical applications have become more customizable to provide meaningful use of social media. In recent years, the increasing use of 3D printing technology has also evolved, which provides surgery with a game-changing technique in the diagnosis and studies of human anatomy. To print blood vessels and cardiac tissues, to study cancerous cells and to change the organs, some people have seen practical applications in diagnosis and disease management.

Smartwatch advice, real-time diagnosis in the operating room has helped the area with compliance control and interdisciplinary therapies. Technical advancement in the healthcare industry works like an artificial intelligence in medical decision support, redesigns hospital experience and forms like a virtual digital brain.

In the current situation,healthcare technology is primarily driven by digital technology, which has the most medical devices running on digital platforms. With more private players coming forward with the
better public-private partnership, this region is estimated to be larger and more varied than the combined annual rate of 25 percent during this five-year tenure.

"With increase in science&technology, the use of medical applications is increasing and IT has been quite understandable"

Job Opportunities in the Diagnostic Segment
Many students are confused about what to choose after completing graduation level - whether they go for low pay jobs or follow further studies. Most of them do postgraduates to get decent jobs. Diagnostics is one of the sectors of healthcare management that has great potential in the job environment and profitable career options. In addition to receiving attractive remuneration, it also helps in achieving the goal of service for mankind.

Healthcare works in different parts of which Diagnostics Segment is growing rapidly. Pathology and laboratory methods are open scope in areas such as diagnostic experts, teachers or investigators in the diagnosis of human diseases. In clinical laboratories, disease experts practice as practitioners, so that the laboratory report can be analyzed for better diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

" With increase in science &technology, the use of medical applications is increasing and IT has been quite understandable"

As far as job opportunities are concerned, diagnostic management professionals are required to be involved in the development of software and imaging equipment not only in hospitals and clinics, but also in healthcare NGOs, hospital consulting companies and IT industry. IT firms such as Dell, Accenture, Delloite and others hire such professionals. In the case of a fresher who has no work experience, the industry hires them as technicians and with training and experience, they will reach the zenith within a few years.

Medical Research
Genetic testing & research in the field of Molecular Biology is one of the most interesting and engaging areas. With countless opportunities in this field, genetic biomarkers continue to expand. An expert of the field aims to monitor the genetic changes for correcting and slowing down the progression of disorders. Such types of screening are necessary for a newborn, as it aids in early detection of genetic disorders to facilitate timely treatment.

Radiology is another field of diagnostics for diagnosing and treating by using image guidance technique, which is also catching-up. The rising demand for radiologists in the country ensures an optimal career path expected to boom in the coming years. A radiology technician has an option to work as an ultrasound technician, X-ray technician, MRI technician, CT technician, and medical professional. With an immediate and sustainable demand for technologists in hospitals, clinics, and physicians’offices, the field of radiography continues to show higher than average job growth into the future.