Five Prominent Ways to Manage Your Home Smartly with Simplified IoT Solutions

Monish Salhotra, Founder & CEO, EBTL Headquartered in New Delhi, EBTL is one of the leading company in home automation offering cost-effective solutions for home makers and households depending on their requirements.

IoT solutions are gradually having an impact on how we live. Many Indian homes have IoT devices in them. As a result of such devices people’s lives have become much more comfortable. IoT devices are not only improving the quality of lives of many people, but they are also the key component of the Governments’ Smart Cities initiative. However, even before Smart Cities grow in numbers, many Indian households have the opportunity to use IoT devices to smartly manage their homes. IoT devices such as home automation systems can be used in Indian homes in the following ways.

Manage Your House like Never Before
Often in the early morning, a typical Indian home is a buzz with activity as parents ready their children for school, prepare breakfast, and get themselves ready for work. As often happens amidst this flurry of activities, some appliances inside a house are left on as all the members of a household get ready to attend work or school. The possibility that an appliance may have been left running can be a reason for concern for those who manage a household. Luckily there are IoT devices that make it possible for the man/woman of the house to check whether a device has been left on and if so, to easily turn it off using their mobile phone.

What is more, IoT devices can also be used to turn devices on before entering a home. This means that after a busy day at work one can return home to a room that has been chilled by an AC. This is possible because an AC can be turned on using a mobile phone. IoT devices are all the more useful because they can be used in number of other instances. Consider that in winters, while a person is sweating it out in a gym, they can use their mobile phone to turn on a geyser in their house so that a warm bath awaits them when they return home. In short, all the appliance in a home can be activated remotely offering command over a home to its residents.

Say Adieu to Routine Tasks
Many household appliances need to be turned on at a particular time each
day. The simple act of turning on such devices can be easily managed using IoT devices. Not only do IoT devices allow households to turn devices on using a mobile phone, they also allow members of a household to schedule when an appliance is turned on and how long it remains on.

"IoT devices also keep family members safe and keep a house secure as well. Because IoT devices are always connected to the internet,users are empowered with real-time monitoring of the connected appliances"

For instance, residents of many cities across India face water problems. This means that water is not provided in many homes throughout the day, but rather at a fixed time every day. Homes that face such problems have to remember to turn on their water motor, so that their water tank is filled with water. This often means remembering to turn on the motor in the morning when there is much to be done. Thankfully houses that have an IoT device can solve such problems by programing the switch connected to the motor to turn on or off at any time of the day. This means that in a house that gets its supply of water at 5 am in the morning, the motor that pumps the water to the overhead tank can be scheduled to turn on at 5 am. Programing an IoT device to do so takes only a few seconds and makes life very convenient.

Hermophobics Can Rest Easy
The lives of many hermophobics will be better because they no longer have to fear they may get an electric shock when they use switches in their houses. This is because new IoT technology ensures shock proof switches. This means that hermophobics can turn electrical appliances in their houses on/off simply by using their mobile phone or voice commands. Also IoT devices work on 5V DC or 3.3V DC, which further reduces the possibilities of getting an electric shock by 230V AC.

Command Appliances Just by Using Your Voice
New home automation systems are very intuitive to use and can be easily configured to work with smart speakers. This means that users don’t even have to touch a button to turn a switch on/off to use an appliance, they can simply speak in a natural language to their smart speaker, which will do what they ask of it. In instances when someone is tucked in bed and ready for sleep, they may not like to get out of bed to turn off switches in their house. In a home with a home automation device that is configured with a smart speaker, a person only needs to give a verbal command and the light switch or any other switch in the house can be turned on or off.

IoT-Based Products Make Homes Safer
IoT devices also keep family members safe and keep a house secure as well. Because IoT devices are always connected to the internet, users are empowered with real-time monitoring of the connected appliances. The user of an IoT device can learn when a breach inside their house happened and alert the concerned authorities or a concerned person. Because IoT devices allow people to interact with their appliances or switches from anywhere in the world, a family on an overseas vacation can enjoy themselves knowing that everything back home is safe & sound. In case there is a break-in, such a family can be alerted on their mobile phone by an IoT device installed in their house.

The use of IoT devices will likely grow as commonplace as the use of mobile phones is today. In a few decades, families will wonder how people lived without home automation systems and IoT devices in their houses. Households that are early adopters of IoT devices not only live a more stress-free life, they are also safer and more in tune with things to come than house holds without IoT devices in their homes.