You Can Also: Directing Individuals Towards a Lifestyle Shift through Outbound Training

E.P.Reji Kumar, CEOSince 2014 E.P. Reji Kumar, Ceo, You Can Also(Yca)Became Sick & Almost Bedridden Despite Reports Revealing No Abnormalities. A Victim Of Lifestyle Disease, It Was Only Through A Lifestyle Shift That He Could Improve. Turning To Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation And Regular Exercises Generated A Positive Aura In Him And He Decided To Assist Other Individuals To Do The Same. It Is This Passion That Led To The Creation Of The Wellness Company You Can Also.

With a belief that impossible is nothing and health is the only wealth in this world Reji is on a mission to improve the condition of corporates struggling to maintain a work life balance. Leveraging his extensive & earnest experience, he implements the finest blend of yoga, meditation, martial arts exercises, nature walk and Ayurveda in his corporate outbound training programs, which are tailored to the cause. He also owns a Rejuvenation Centre, equipped with all luxuries of a hotel and peace & tranquility of home in Munnar. Set amidst 10 acres of verdant lush landscape, the campsite offers a marvelous view of misty hills on eastern side, and sky scraping trees on the west; the perfect setting for refreshing and rejuvenating outbound training sessions!

Energetic & Engaging Exertions that Educate
Catering to corporates & students above 12 years of age, the firm delivers through two
well trained divisions namely wellness division and outbound training to enhance individual, team and organizational performance through experiential learning methodology. On one hand, where student activities are focused on creating a new student culture in their institution, the outbound training activities specialize in team building, change management, planning, delegation, team work, self-motivation and improving leadership skills. High in energy and engagement, each activity simulates different aspects of human behavior like trust, passion innovation initiative, leadership and emotional intelligence.

High in energy & engagement, each activity simulates different aspects of human behavior like trust, passion, innovation, initiative, leadership, and emotional intelligence

Apart from furnishing excellent and effectual trainings, the firm is well known for its transparent and affordable services. From enlightening the trainees through PPTs & videos of their outbound sessions to revealing the real objective behind each activity, the firm furnishes sessions as economical as Rs.2250 per person for a one day one night training at its Munnar campus, which is inclusive of trainers team support food and accommodation. Moreover, the training locations are changed meticulously to generate a trekking like refreshing feeling every time.

Experienced Experts & Effective Equipment
A registered company under SME, YCA employs only experienced & accomplished trainers for outbound sessions. While outbound executives have three to seven years of experience, the head possesses over 17 years of experience. Furthermore, the HOD of outbound division is a Himalayan trekker specialist in adventure outbound trainings and a snow & ice rescue certified person having worked with Indian army in remotest outbound programs. Thus companies like Laurus Institute, DDS, WEBS, Trade Cap Finance BNI and Actiotech LLP are its regular clients.

Keeping its employees updated through appraisal programs & trainings, the firm also ensures usage of highest quality equipment for outbound sessions. Moving ahead, it is in a process of opening a water themed outbound program in Cochin and snow & ice leadership development programs for the top end employees in Himachal Pradesh. A registered member of BNI Titans Chapter, Cochin, Kerala, YCA also plans to expand through acquiring resorts and make its presence known in five Indian states in the next three years.