YENKAY Instruments & Controls Pvt. Ltd.: High-end Calibration services to enable product quality

Mr. K. S. YENPURE,Managing Director


Managing Director

“Prof.K.B. Talwalkar sir is our inspiration, always insist on to hove own business activities, these words resonated well with students and inspired them to follow these dreams. Today, 80 percent of his classmates are running their own business - says Mr. Yenpure, Managing Director of YENKAY

Moving forward with the same ideology, K S Yenpure started his career on a humble note and has definitely come a long way from where he began. Amidst the bitter taste of failure and sweetness of success as a first-generation entrepreneur, in 1992 Mr. Yenpure founded YENKAY Instruments and Controls. The company started its journey by manufacturing process control instruments.

Thermax was their first client,and YENKAY was engaged with maintenances of furnace control instruments. With time, the company got into ASME certifications. Because of the service capabilities, the clients further suggested them to refer ASTM standards & note down the calibration procedures for
furnace control instruments. From this day onwards, the calibration was started.

YENKAY gives top most priority to customer satisfaction and standards by considering quality and cost at the center of everything” With this Yenkay has created trust in customer’s mind & become Trusted Name For Calibration Services.

During this phase, the ISO certification was newly introduced. And, before the ISO certification process, calibration plays a very important role. Therefore around 1993-1994, witnessing a huge demand, the company decided to provide its expertise in this area as well. Along the way, the company decided to follow few internal guidelines and policies, which essentially revolved around providing holistic and result-oriented services to its clients.

The Essentials of Man, Machine & Methods
Since time immemorial, because of their customer-centric work, YENKAY has had 100 percent client retention rate, from day one. As far as test and measuring are concerned, today, the company
provides a gamut of instruments to various types of industries.

With increasing demand for their services, the sky is the limit. And, the company has become ‘A Leading Calibration Laboratory’ in India, at the moment. Most importantly, YENKAY gives topmost priority to customer satisfaction and standards by considering quality and cost at the center of everything.

Mr.Yenpure fascinatingly, explains “The calibration services depend on three factors: Man, Machine & Methods. The man should be qualified, trained and experienced. Machines should have high-level accuracy & capabilities and methods should be based on some national and international standard. In this process, if the calibration is carried out wrongly then the total job gets spoiled and damaged, and due to this there can be a great loss to the customer because of the wrong calibration.”

As far as growth is concerned, Yenkay is always on rising curve. Currently, at an expansion phase, the company is increasing the clientele base and geographical area, day-by-day. “For instance, initially we were offering services within Maharashtra, but today we are going to every corner of the country. Also, in the first year the annual turnover was INR 51,000 only, but now we are reaching to INR 2 Cr,” exclaims Mr. Yenpure, the National Award Achiever.

The year 2017-18, Yenkay is celebrating Silver Jubilee Year.