Yellow Stone Technologies: Facilitating Full-Fledged Business Solutions along with Long-Tterm Professional Assistance

What can make a business successful? Some would say `a revolutionary idea'. Others might highlight `tech-driven operations'. Few would emphasize `team expertise'. While all these factors are important for business success, the most crucial aspect is the customer relationship. Remember, without customers, we have no business. With that said, it's not just enough to sell a world-class product to the clients. The after-sales service is what decides the future of any brand. It is a tool used to connect with customers and keep them engaged with the brand for a long time.

In the absence of genuine after-sale services, a brand may not be able to retain customers or generate loyalty and end up losing out on potential sales and revenue. Realizing this, companies today are marching to-wards the customer-centric approach of the market. Among such companies, Yellow Stone Technologies (YST) has religiously orchestrated the practice of after-scales service and client satisfaction in the field of Web Hosting, Appslication development, and G Ssuite services.

This Chennai-based brand company is focused on delivering enterprise-grade solutions to both mid-market and large commercial clients in various industries. YST seamlessly offers holistic after- sales -services even to huge brands with a 300+ user base. While acting as a typical G Suite Reseller any business would need, the company helps the clients to understand the technicalities of Google Work-space. Most importantly, it suggests you avail the services that you need and escapes preventing you from paying for irrelevant services for your business.

Companies which work from different locations often finds difficulty in commuting and communicating with each other. The G Suite is an ideal choice for small businesses which has single or multiple locations. YST provides fully integrated cloud-based applications through G Suite and helps the companies to increase their productivity. Also, helps in migrating data from one platform to another without any hiccup. The e-mail applications provided through G Suite are secure and seamlessly accessed in any electronic gadget across the operating systems.
While offering mail security, anti-spam, and security services, it builds powerful and high-performing applications. Leverages experts certified by industry-leading partners to give you the robust technical expertise including migration, deployment, and IT implementation services. YST's core competency is in developing customizable ERP (SPEED-P) for the pharmaceutical market. It is a one-stop solution that caters to comprehensive packages to suit all your online presence.

Christopher Doorley,Co-Founder & CEO

One Team, One Dream
Founded in 2017, YST's was founded in 2017 by two energetic and enthusiastic leadership Natesh Ponnambalam and Satya Rajguru both have 20 years of experience in team has expertise in how organizations work. It collaborates, engages, analyses and reports to meet key business objectives and thrive in an ever-changing market. Having experience in ERP, cloud computing solutions and strategic IT services in India, the UAE and the US., itYST is a platform-neutral partner of industry-leading cloud providers such as, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

"Together, we deliver expert consultation, cloud migration, custom application development, managed services, as well as user adoption and training services to our clients. We employ some of the foremost experienced professionals and consultants in the platforms ensuring to provide a holistic view on the most complex business challenges, and deliver utmost user experience to our clients", says Satya Rajguru, Director, Yellow Stone Technologies.

Team YST creates frenetic fans who are inspired to tell the world about its extraordinary services. "YST is a service-oriented company, which means we'll go above and beyond to make sure our clients and partners have their vision fulfilled.

We make purposeful decisions and take calculated risks fuelled by the analysis of internal data, observation of market trends, lessons from experience, and feedback from our fans and critics," he remarks.

At YST is well-known for its integrity. The leaders of the company are honest and accountable in anything and everything they do. All that they aim is to foster trust through transparency and open communication with the clients.