Yaantra: Making Digital Delights Available For All

Jayant Jha,  Co-Founder & CEO

Jayant Jha, Co-Founder & CEO

The refurbished product sector is considered to be one of the most recognized sectors globally. In the last few years, the sector has witnessed a booming growth in relation to the smartphone category in India. Along with affordability, the shorter upgrade cycles of smartphones these days are fuelling the demand for refurbished phones. Refurbished devices are a preferable path to procure products at pocket-friendly prices; however, it can be a cobweb if not carried out carefully.“The refurbished electronics market is still a very unorganized and fragmented market, which didn’t even exist a few years ago. We are the category creator and we are proud to say that with our hard work & effort, we have earned the trust of the consumers,” boasts Jayant Jha, Co-Founder & CEO, Yaantra.

A pioneer in refurbished products industry, the Delhi-based Yaantra was established in 2013 with an idea to offer doorstep and dependable technical support in consumer electronics, especially mobile phones. Today, Yaantra deals in many other spheres like sale of certified refurbished
smartphones, tablets and wearable devices in B2B & B2C domain along with the sale of its signature collection of power banks.

"We are the category creator and we are proud to say that with our hard work & effort, we have earned the trust of the consumers"

The Category Creator
Today most of the refurbished product providers are in trade business where they source products and sell it as it is. What differentiates Yaantra from its peer competitors is its remanufacturing capability based on which it offers the best quality refurbished products. The company sources the devices from OEMs, e-Commerce majors or directly from users and refurbishes it in its own refurbishment factories. All of the products are then completely tested and assured for the quality standard before selling to the end consumers. It also offers a warranty of 12 months on the refurbished products, which helps to gain customer’s confidence.

Yaantra has its in-house developed technology that maintains the quality consistency of every product and the offerings are as good as new products which includes branded accessories in a recycled box which is designed in-house particularly for refurbished devices. The company even follows a stringent and rigorous delivery mechanism leveraging the collaboration with all major logistics companies to deliver the products within 24 to 48 hours in almost 9000 pin codes across the country. Apart from that, it has created a retail network of over
35000 retail points from where consumers can easily buy the refurbished products.

Yaantra believes in smart but simple process that provides seamless experience to customers. Customers can exchange their old products for the new one or they can simply sell it for cash through the PhoneCash feature of the company on the website and app, making it easier for customers to predict the price of their device according to the health score by performing a quick 18 parameters quality check. To simplify the payment methods, Yaantra leverages IMPS, Yaantra vouchers or transfers the fund into PayTM or any other UPI integrated wallet of the sellers.

Achieving mastery in repairing services, Yaantra has repaired more than 120,00,00 smartphones till date and have infused more value to its customer’s digital investments. The company offers warranty of six months on the high quality components. Customers can easily get updates of all the repair and maintenance through Yaantra’s platform.

No wonder with such dedicated services, Yaantra has gained a superior reputation in the refurbished industry. What started with Rs.1.5 crore annual revenue today has grown to a whopping Rs.200 crore. Addressing this skyrocketing success, Jayanta has plans streamlined for Yaantra expanding its sales network by adding 200 towns covering all the Tier II & III cities in the coming future.