XNRGI: Leveraging Energy Storage Technologies to Conserve Environ of Tomorrow

Chris D'Couto,President & CEO

Chris D'Couto

President & CEO

Environmental concerns such as global warming have become world-wide issues. For this reason, distributed power sources, which utilize renewable forms of energy such as solar and wind power, and Smart Grids, which effectively utilize all types of power sources, are considered highly promising technologies. Energy storage systems are a highly versatile technology that can meet the needs of various users and be utilized in diverse fields. These include power generators that use renewable energy, grid equipment like energy transmission and distribution equipment, as well as commercial facilities, factories, and homes. A technology that can meet the needs of various users and be utilized in diverse fields, XNRGI builds high-performance, safe, and reliable lithium-ion, and lithium metal energy solutions.

Based in Washington, XNRGI (exponential energy) is a next-generation energy storage company with proprietary lithium battery technologies. Their current product that is in high volume production is the HT (high temperature) product ,which is optimized for higher temperature (>35 C) operations. The company has an ISO certified 240MWh/year high temperature (HT) lithium-ion battery pack production capacity in Gurugram, Haryana.

In paralleld, the Company is developing the first-ever silicon chip-based Lithium Metal
rechargeable battery technology x-PowerChip, whose performance is exponentially better than any other lithium battery. Dr. Chris D'Couto, XNRGI, President and CEO shares, "For the PowerChip we create a high surface area substrate, and using a lithium metal anode, and different cathode materials depending on the application, we will be able to demonstrate > 2X improvement in energy density". The battery does not catastrophically fail when punctured due to the array of micro-batteries with physical separation between the cells, addressing one of the leading concerns with lithium batteries.

The batteries are produced using contract manufacturing, just like the computer chip industry, leading to a capital-efficient (low Capex) short lead time to high volume production. Depending on the cathode material used, the battery can be optimized for a variety of applications. XNRGI is directly addressing all five key performance characteristics ­ energy density, safety, capital-efficient manufacturing, technology platform, and a short lead time for manufacturing (typically 3 ­ 6 months), to get a new supplier qualified for production.

The Company has a team with proven track records of commercializing technologies into multi-hundred-million dollar revenue products, strong battery/electrochemistry expertise, award-winning branding and marketing efforts, and a strong sales and business development effort in the US, Middle East, Europe, and India driving the commercialization of these technologies.

XNRGI's technologies enable scalable, high-volume manufacturing at the industry's lowest cost. Using existing semiconductor wafer manufacturing and contract assembly, which have been perfected in Silicon Valley over the past decades. The semiconductor industry has been a dominant driving force behind modern technology advancement for PV and LED light technologies over the last five decades. Focused on the use of its technology for mobility (transportation) and storage markets the company is also in discussions with licensing the anode technology or the cell to certain leading companies. The Company has built and shipped hundreds of samples to date and continues to engage with the leaders in the industry.

While the Power Chip is under development, the HT battery products are in full production. Some of the subsets of customers of the company are MOU for JV with large E-rickshaw manufacturer in India, MOUs for licensing and JV discussions in different parts of the world. The HT factory in Gurugram has shipped products worldwide for a variety of applications like off-grid street lighting, battery/solar/grid integrated solutions, electric three wheeler efforts. The HT packs are ICAT certified (for certain transportation requirements in India) and SONCAP certified (for certain end use applications in Africa).