Wyzibility Consulting: SAP Solutions to Create Digitally Live & Intelligent Enterprises

  Prakash Tripathi (L) & Ganesh Pillai(R),     DirectorsEnterprises in today’s highly competitive and digital world have woken-up to the various advantages that integrated systems bring to the table. With the focus being on KRAs and respective KPIs, user experience, mobility, analytics and reporting & compliance, SAP has become the ERP of choice for every enterprise that is looking to streamline its processes. Armed with a balanced practice team with the right mix of industry, functional and technical expertise to render end-to-end services and solutions centred on SAP Business Suite for HANA (S/4HANA), SAP Success Factors and SAP C/4HANA is Wyzibility Consulting.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, the firm has crafted a host of industry solutions with all key business processes, SAP FIORI for seamless user experience & mobility, and embedded analytics for real-time insights into enterprise performance. Working towards enabling clients to focus on their core competencies, Wyzibility Consulting is building digitally live and intelligent enterprises.

Customized Industry Focused Solutions
Aimed at reducing time to value, Wyzibility offers tailor-made
industry solutions, rapid deployment solutions for migration, and customized solutions for export & import management. Developed after having conducted extensive research and development, the firm renders FastTex for textile industry, FastLife for life sciences industry, and FastChem for chemical industry. Additionally, Wyzibility also provides Fast Mach for industrial machinery and components, FastDairy for the dairy industry, FastMig for Migration, and FastExim for Export & Import Management (EXIM). “Each of the highly scalable solutions is enabled to support business on the move through FIORI mobile apps. For performance tracking, embedded analytics has been configured, providing analytical reports for insightful decision making,” explains Prakash Tripathi, CEO, Wyzibility Consulting.

"Each of Wyzibility’s highly scalable solutions is enabled to support business on the move through FIORI mobile apps"

Bespoke SAP Solutions
Founded by Prakash, a recognized veteran in the SAP space, Wyzibility has developed expansive capabilities in terms of end-to-end implementation of SAP S/4HANA, SAP’s reimagined business suite in memory database HANA. Armed with a team of consultants who understand both the subtle and acute changes in processes in S/4HANA, the firm adopts the Activate Framework for implementing S/4HANA at places its industry solutions cannot be readily applied.

Also specializing in rollouts, the Wyzibility team evaluates the SAP solutions already deployed and picks the most suited one as the base global template. The team
addresses localization requirements during rollout to each entity and performs regression testing before each ‘Go Live’. Wyzibility also has expertise and rich experience in carrying-out migrations of large system landscapes to Cloud and OnPremise environments with varied platforms and databases, including HANA with minimum system downtime.

Known to always be in sync with SAP, Wyzibility was quick to realize the significance of S/4HANA for their customers and started up-skilling internal teams as early as 2015. Specializing in helping clients convert to S/4HANA, the firm has executed a large number of S/4HANA projects, making it one of the most experienced players in the space. The SAP expert also renders a host of support services to keep clients’ SAP systems running in a healthy state after implementation is over.

Next Phase of Growth
Constantly working to add new competencies, the Wyzibility team has added Success Factors and C/4HANA to its base offerings on S/4HANA. Leveraging the advent of exponential technologies in the field of RPA and Blockchain, the firm is working towards developing augment customer experience(CX). “With RPA, we have various automations in accounts payable, invoice processing, claims processing and HR processes. Similarly, with Blockchain, we have solutions supplementing SAP, bringing transparency and promoting seamless information flow across the enterprise value chain,” says Prakash. Having setup an Innovation Lab at its Hyderabad ODC, Wyzibility is working towards strengthening its IoT, Blockchain, ML, AI and RPA capabilities.