Wuerth Industrial Services India: Embracing Quality & Innovations with Holistic Approach at Every Step of the Business

Norman Dentel, CEO,Priti Nair, General ManagerThe story of Wuerth as a global trader began in the year 1945. The Germany-based company started its journey with the sales of fasteners, nuts and bolts. Throughout the years, Wuerth extended its product range of C-parts continuously in the fields Accessories, Chemical-technical Products, Dowels & Plugs, Insulation, Hand Tools, Electric & Pneumatic Tools, Service & Care Products, a wider range of Fasteners, and others. The company started operating in India as Wuerth Industrial Services India Pvt. Ltd. since 2005.

Wuerth has never feared to take big risks to make big leaps. It has undertaken ground-breaking innovations through the business process, by involving itself in various operations. Under the brand "CPS® ­ C-Parts Solutions", it caters to customized, logistical procurement and supply concepts supporting direct deliveries to the production lines. Realizing the need for protection and hygiene, Wuerth has put forth CPS®SAFETY to cater the best quality PPE across the world. The offerings under this include products from Respiratory Protection, Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Hand Protection, Head Protection, Fall Protection, and Skin protection. "As a competent partner and TÜV-certified PPE expert, we discuss the prevention measures and supply solutions together with the clients. They will also receive information on the legal basis and guidelines for the safety of the customer's employees", says Norman Dentel, CEO.
While ensuring that all the products are manufactured with utmost safety precautions, it is developing the best logistics solution for the supply of occupational safety according to individual needs. The services don't just stop here. It supports the clients in all the procurement aspects, it also offers warehousing/storage facility and the consolidation of customers suppliers under one umbrella, Wuerth! There-fore, Wuerth Industrial Services India Pvt. Ltd. is recognized as a "one-stop-solution" for everything a client needs, from production to storage and equipment for their employees' safety.

The Brighter Side
It has adapted to several automated systems and has made retrieval of health and safety articles easy by adapting to vending machines/dispensers. "Consumables such as PPE, tools or machines with irregular, unpredictable requirements play a significant role in the company's cost and efficiency. It is not so much the cost of the materials that matter, but rather their procurement or a shortage of operating supplies that cost a lot of time and money. In addition to our system solutions for production material, Wuerth offers a holistic, modular concept for auxiliary and operating materials. With the dispensers, we take care of the delivery, storage, and stocking up to the fully automatic replenishment of your auxiliary and operating materials. All processes are transparent and completely traceable. The withdrawal permissions can be assigned individually per user. This prevents unwanted withdrawals", he informs.

Wuerth Industrial Services is around 79,000 employees strong, operating in 86 different countries

On the whole, it assures 100 percent guaranteed quality and doesn't com-promise on selecting suppliers, testing, and approving Wuerth products. It offers the best possible product quality in each market to meet all the customers' demands with genuine products.

The journey of Wuerth signifies tremendous growth. It has been expanding its solutions line with no looking back. Now, it is around 79,000 employees strong, operating in 86 countries.

The Indian head office, main ware-house, and operation of Wuerth Industrial Services India Pvt. Ltd. Is based in Pune, Maharashtra. The company is operating all across the country. "India is a wide community for skilled resources, we would like to on-board smarter people, increase our visibility across the nation, and explore different segments in the future", he remarks.