World Trans Cargo: Moving Goods Safely Internationally

   Ajay Madan,    Founder

Ajay Madan


The delivery & courier franchise business is gaining traction nowadays due to the increasing popularity of e-Commerce, including the creation of services like food, grocery, pharmacy, alcohol, laundry delivery, and more,that has burgeoned through the lockdowns across different countries. Even many courier service franchises entered the global market due to the high demand, and India is no exception. Entrepreneurs invest in these kinds of enterprises because they have low startup costs, give employees the option to work from home, and offer flexible part time hours. Professional courier franchises are also very technologically advanced, they have applications and other technologies that let them offer their customers speedy ordering, secure payment, tracking, and other extra services.

Being a fairly tiny service provider, World Trans Cargo provides services to small and medium-sized e-Commerce businesses and shop owners who get frequent orders. World Trans Cargo helps trade and industry by facilitating the movement of goods internationally through supply chain management, warehousing, contract logistics, and international ocean, air, and land transportation. It connects businesses with international trade while offering
services, answers, and innovative ideas to meet the complex needs of multiple corporate entities globally and take care of their logistical problems. It serves the whole world with door delivery services. To provide top-notch service to the end user at the lowest cost possible, World Trans Cargo relies on aggregators at the moment but is gradually transitioning to building its network and offering services at the lowest costs possible. This sets it apart from other service providers in the industry.

World Trans Cargo serves various destinations across India with a strong, efficient, and motivated workforce

Currently, World Trans Cargo is one of those respectable companies functioning through a well-connected network of independent and franchise offices across the nation. Through its solid, effective, and dedicated team, it provides service to numerous locations throughout India. To give its consumers excellent service, the organization has approved experienced franchisees and collection centers. World Trans Cargo currently uses aggregators as a franchisee or channel partner to obtain good services, but very soon it plans to offer its franchise to its co-loaders who currently use its services in rural and small towns, where big bosses are unable to offer competitive prices and excellent services.

World Trans Cargo has partnerships with various OTCs in the area to obtain overnight services to reach the load quickly and efficiently in its designated network hubs, ensuring the safety, quality, and sustainability of their services. It also has contracts with numerous business partners for pickup and delivery to customers, ensuring prompt & timely pickup and deliveries.

Being actively connected with aggregator networks to obtain and supply timely services, the company continues to look for various strategies to conform to the services that the end customer demands and requires in the market. “In particular, given the size and competitiveness of the market, we are asking for the assistance & support of every Indian to create this business as India's independent worldwide venture. Our main goal is to develop into an Indian firm that offers both domestic and international courier services”, concludes Ajay Madan, Founder.