Winggz: Giving Wings to the Unserved Retail Shops

Abhishank Gupta,FounderIt costs a business nearly 5-25 times more to gain a new customer. Also, the existing consumers spend 67 percent more than new ones. Researchers reveal that a five percent increase in preserving the visiting customers can boost the revenue by 25-95 percent. Thus, a well designed customer loyalty program can really help to retain the existing customers for a hefty revenue growth.

Abhishank Gupta came up with a unique white labelled digital loyalty platform to create bespoke loyalty programs to help small retailers and big supermarkets through his venture Winggz. He states, “Our white labeled platform helps small businesses setup their own loyalty program at a fraction of the price that they will spend if they want to make their own program. Through targeted campaigning, we help merchants push promotion to the customers that are extremely relevant to them. Every shop gives their own points to the customers and is responsible for the redemption of the same”.

Not Loyalty but Customer Relationship Management Program
2017 established Winggz is a cloud based cross-platform application which allows the merchants to design their own loyalty services based on their customers’ behaviour or buying patterns, featured with auto segmentation to deliver coupons only to the decided set of customers. This fullycustomizable loyalty program is available on desktop, web, tablets and mobiles and can
easily be integrated with billing systems. Loaded with features akin to targeted SMS campaigns, customer engagement using IoT devices and customer application, Winggz application works well for all business models like salons, bakeries, restaurants and fashion, and has special features designed for the supermarkets. It has a customer feedback platform to track quality services and a detailed Sales & Customer Analytics tool to provide regular report of the offered services for the merchants.

Through targeted campaigning, we help merchants push promotion to the customers that are extremely relevant to them

People are usually resistant to share their details with merchants, while during the peak hours, it becomes difficult for merchants to run loyalty programs. Being a cloud hosted application, it provides uninterrupted services, as servers expand their capacities at the peak hours to nullify any reduction in customer experience during peak hours. Through Winggz Customer Application, customers can directly claim points using their invoice.

As a loyalty platform, it is capable to link-up with most of the billing systems. The customer contact number is enough to activate the subsequent features, without further intervention from the shopkeeper. Customers can even directly claim the added points by submitting an invoice issued by the seller and it notifies every time the seller adds credit points to the customer’s account.

The platform also helps shopkeepers to know and segment their customers into the most loyal, most paying, lost, and about-to-be-lost customers, and further send appropriate offers & coupons to them. Leveraging this state-of-the-art smart advertising feature, Winggz has helped 10 supermarkets in Delhi-NCR region in achieving higher adoption rate of their offers at much lower cost.

Going Forward
Being a digital platform, Winggz houses an expert team of 20 members holding years of industry experience, who are continuously working on improving the loyalty program with customer inputs. The company is currently working on a hardware that will allow the shopkeepers to offer interesting experiences to their customers, apart from creating more user friendly interface and payment options. Presently, it serves more than 10,000 revenue-generating customers and plans to reach 50,000 more shops by next year, covering smallest of the shopkeepers for a targeted marketing experience to maintain a proper customer relationship.