Wiggle Media: On a Mission to Deliver Quality Video Content beyond Expectations

Ajit Singh,  Director & Producer

Ajit Singh

Director & Producer

The marketing and promotional aspects of corporate and business development have evolved immensely transforming from a time where companies had limited interactions with the target audience. Today there are several avenues that companies are leveraging to stay connected to their audiences. But what really works in this aspect is the creation of moving and impactful videos that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

However, finding dedicated and visionary video creators with the capability to bring a unique flavor aligning with the brand’s vision is often a challenge that brands encounter. Nevertheless, Wiggle Media - a Punjab based video production company shines as an integrated video production solutions provider. Specializing in every part of the production process from concept creation to post-production, the company has positioned itself as an all-in-one solutions provider, bringing the power of storytelling into each production, to craft compelling pieces that move the audience Every Single Time.

Producing Stories

Fostering a strongly creative culture built upon the foundational idea of bringing out every brand’s unique story before the world, team Wiggle believes in producing an honest version of every story that aligns with the brand’s vision. With a state-of-the-art setup for editing photos and videos, the firm dives deep into maneuvering every little detail to form the perfect production to captivate the masses. Wiggle’s fully integrated studio complete with a green screen and white space, along with a comprehensive audio recording studio, caters to diverse production
needs from perfect shoots to music production, song recording, voice overs, and sound effects production.

“We envision ourselves as storytellers and video is our canvas. We don’t offer you a ‘one size fits all’ solution. As storytellers, we’ll look at your brand and seek a human connection in your message, tailor it to your vision and present it in a very innovative and creative manner with special emphasis on Originality Quotient, the most significant aspect of visual branding”, shares Ajit Singh, Director & Producer, Wiggle Media.

Wiggle Media’s full spectrum of offerings range from corporate film productions to TV commercials to training videos to music videos to documentaries and much more. With advanced equipment, state-of-art technology, and roster of best-in-class Producers, Directors, DOPs, Writers Editors and VFX Artists on its board, the firm excels in producing exemplary motion graphics, compositing, and visual effects.

We envision ourselves as storytellers & video is our canvas

Pushing the Boundaries

“Since our inception, we have been constantly reinventing the video production landscape and ourselves. We started as a video editing studio and eventually, we added other domains to our portfolios. We are continuously pushing creative boundaries and adopting new technologies”, further shares Ajit.

Wiggle’s approach towards achieving excellence in every project that the firm undertakes is what sets the firm truly apart. Not only skilled in technicalities, the team at Wiggle, headed by Ajit Singh, prides itself in being the creative geniuses excelling at conceptualizing innovative ideas that elevate brand value while narrating its story through out-of the-box productions.

The company’s emphasis on authenticity to the brand, and originality to the resulting creative solutions is powered by critical thinking and brainstorming. These processes are aimed at converting notions into workable solutions and successful branding strategies that help the client monetize its services and products in the most efficient manner.

With a powerful team working as a well-oiled machine, Wiggle demonstrates promise to become India’s top video production company in the coming years. The firm’s trajectory is poised for a diversified expansion, establishing a versatile multi-set shooting studio, offering comprehensive services for varied media requirements like introducing a high-end VFX studio to meet the growing entertainment sector needs. With these strategic moves, Wiggle’s future promises an innovative journey into new realms of creativity.