White Global: Blending Language Expertise and Domain Understanding

Sheetal Ramkumar,Founder & CEO

Sheetal Ramkumar

Founder & CEO

Language Service Providers (LSPs) have to deliver a dimension of depth while offering their translation, localization and proofreading services, as direct linguistic manipulation of the required content would fail to achieve the desired results. Factors including the context, culture and motive of the original document/content have to be attended to while rendering language services for the delivery to strike a chord with its consumers. While catering to over 150 Indian and foreign languages, White Global (WG), a Pune-based LSP operates with an eye for sentimental details of the targeted community. “When we translate something or localize a product, the delivery has a flavor of the sensibilities of the particular country/locality making it acceptable to the people that we cater to,” expounds Sheetal Ramkumar, Founder & CEO, WG. Utmost care is taken in comprehending the sentiments, culture and behavior of localities of distinct geographies, blurring language barriers concurrently.

Offering a broad range of linguistic solutions, WG’s service portfolio is inclusive of interpretation, localization, globalization, transcreation, subtitling, video transcription, website translation,
and software translation. The company helps its clients with documents, voice overs and presentations, and offers language assistance for businesses (to interact with Government bodies) in their foreign ventures. All contingencies arising during project execution are met by WG effectively as it houses one of the largest language professional networks which take over the tasks when met with exigencies. The time bound assignments are undertaken with back-to-back Service Level Agreements and stringent norms, aided by an efficient project management team, which handles diverse projects simultaneously, thus ensuring project delivery on time, every time. WG is also in the process of developing a terminology database to reduce the turnaround time and to deliver projects with enhanced accuracy.

The mix of language expertise and technical astuteness that WG’s services exhibit is unparalleled

Dual Expertise
The mix of language expertise and technical astuteness that WG’s services exhibit is unparalleled. The company serves diverse industries, and couples language prowess and domain knowledge to manifest high standards in all its solutions. While utilizing machine translation for rudimentary purposes, WG prefers human dexterity to serve complex requirements. Hence, at the onset of a project, the employees are mapped with respect to their competencies to select the right person to serve the client needs.
competencies to select the right person to serve the client needs. Proofreading services that mandate greater erudition are proffered by professionals who are native speakers of the required language, facilitated by WG’s global network of consultants. This extensive network also aids the company to take up projects with demanding combinations of language and domain skills. Furthermore, following the NDAs and Chinese wall theory, WG takes utmost care of its clients’ confidential data. Alongside, it ensures that professional working on one particular brand doesn’t work on its rivalry brand simultaneously.

Along the Business Lines
As a member of every largest commerce chambers in India, WG is not far from updating itself with the latest industry developments. Hiring just the best language resource and providing them rigorous in-house trainings once in two months help employees brush up their skills frequently. They are also encouraged to enroll into educational institutions to sharpen their abilities and to create greater awareness of the trends. In the coming days, WG will be the first language service company to campus hire from language institutes/colleges. With centers in almost all the major cities in India, the company has plans to extend its reach abroad and to enter tier-2 cities (currently with presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai), while initiating international collaborations. In future, the key to WG’s operational efficiency will be the combination of Human expertise, AI and technology intervention. By the end of 2018, the company expects its revenue to touch Rs.10 crore. With the dexterity with which it is working, this doesn’t seem a far dream.