WEFE Internet: Deploying Top-Notch Technologies to Serve the Most Reliable Internet with Super Fast Speed

Internet connectivity is essential for our day-to-day activities just like water, sewer and electricity. Our government is investing heavily on building internet connectivity, as importantly as building roads. While the Indian broadband market outlook has hyped in connection with on-going Digital India campaign, the availability and performance of connectivity is still being unnoticed. As the necessity of internet connectivity is increasing, whether it’s for gaming, social media downloads and uploads (with photos, videos, and audio clips), work related uploads of large documents, or even to make voice or video calls via internet, finding a consistent, high-speed broadband connection has become a strain inducing process these days. WEFE Technology Pvt. Ltd., one of Odisha’s leading internet service providers, is bridging this gap by offering the fastest, most consistent and an unparalleled internet experience through the deployment of latest network technologies.

Nitin Agrawal,Managing Director
Nitin Agrawal, Managing Director

Being able to cut a niche in the Bhubaneswar, Odisha’s capital city, WEFE Technology is a pioneer in wireless internet services in Odisha Market, With internet speed of Up to 500 Mbps, right now, the Company’s internet plans are categorised into Home Internet Plans, Corporate Internet Plans & Internet Leased Line, based on the level of
consumption and flexible billing options. Prashant Agrawal, Co-Founder & Director, WEFE Technology shares, “We are emerged as a one-stop destination serving customers both local and from other parts of Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Khurda and Berhampur. Our service portfolio spans from internet leased line, CCTV solutions, Biometric Attendance solution, Point 2 Point Solutions, Wi-Fi Solutions, Events Wi-Fi. We ensure faster downloads/uploads, uninterrupted HD streaming and video/ voice calling or overall high quality broadband experience on multiple devices.”

Prashant Agrawal, Director

WEFE Technology is a category ‘B’ licensed company from the Department of Telecom under Government of India. While supporting Fiber-to-Home technology, this technology driven company also leverages latest GPON technology and most promising LTE–U technology for speedy and reliable wireless connections. Prashant explains, “Technology plays a crucial role in our services. Currently we are working on GPON technology; it’s one of the latest fiber optic technologies which are coming in the market. By deploying most advanced technologies, WEFE Technology is striving to offer maximum Uptime Guaranty to customers with substantial savings of time, Customer satisfaction is our
first priority.” Delineating on company’s exemplary customer support, he says, “Unlike to other service providers in Bhubaneswar or in Odisha circle, our company is lending 24*7 services for 365 days. We endeavour to maintain round-the-clock dedicated helpline and secured network connection for our customers, regardless of how big or small they are. Our 24*7 unstinted customer support and quick turnaround time set us apart from even big national players in the market.”

As this industry is growing very fast, we have to keep ourselves updated with the current trends and technology, now internet has become a basic amenity for people. And with emergence of so many players in the market every company has to improve itself. We have also doubled, tripled our speed, which we were giving 3-4 yrs back and the price has gone down, so to meet the current demand we need round the clock innovation and research. “We encourage and implement new ideas and technologies to make our network more dependable and strong so that customer can have a better experience. Considering this, we keep our technical department stronger than any other department. This principle has helped us to cater best of our services to almost all segments like home broadband, famous hotels, Media houses, jewellery show rooms, Schools, Colleges and software companies and made us to reinforce our foothold in Odisha market. Looking forward, we are planning to expand our services into more districts of Odisha. Since WEFE Technology has licence for entire Odisha circle, we would like to support the state’s skill and infrastructure development through more advanced and future-ready technologies,” Prashant concludes.