Weecare Facilities : Leading the Way in Comprehensive Facility Management

 Aajay Koul & Hrdesh Kumar,  PartnersUrbanization and infrastructure development are driving India's Facility Management Services market growth. As a result of the expansion of commercial and residential buildings, retail spaces, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions, there is an increasing demand for comprehensive facility management services to ensure maintenance and safety. Besides that, the corporate sector’s growth, especially IT/ITES & MNCs, has been responsible for raising professional services standards to maintain high levels of operations.

The trend of companies outsourcing non-core activities is another major factor contributing to this situation, thus boosting the need for facility management services. Nevertheless, customers experience problems like fickleness in service quality, unsustainably high operating costs, and a lack of solution providers with dependable fixes on maintenance matters.

Weecare Facilities, founded in 2018 by two dynamic entrepreneurs, addresses the growing facility management demands of India's real estate industry. Headquartered in Gurgaon, the company has the capacity and capability to serve clients across the country.

Weecare Facilities, established by Aajay Koul from Kashmir and Hrdesh Kumar from Braj Bhumi, offers integrated facility management services across India, covering commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Based on the dissatisfaction caused by the maintenance companies on the ground, the founders intended to change the nature of service in this line of business, providing a vision of quality services with satisfactory customer service.

The company has positioned itself as a gap filler for trustworthy and professional
maintenance services as it focuses on personalized service delivery. This growth was driven by innovative solutions, a client centric approach, and value-added service offerings, which have resulted in increased revenue generation across different sectors, attracting more customers and thereby leading to a broadened customer base. “Additionally, the company has expanded its operations beyond its initial focus regions like Delhi NCR to cover more areas in other states”, says Aajay Koul, Partner.

Expert Solutions for Seamless Property Operations

Weecare Facilities offers a wide range of maintenance services for residential and commercial clients, with a flagship comprehensive maintenance package. With a focus on janitorial work, electrical and plumbing maintenance, HVAC systems, landscaping, security services and general building upkeep, the company ensures smooth day to-day operations through a team of skilled professionals and multi-skilled technicians. The company prioritizes clients' needs with a client-centric approach, effective communication, proactive maintenance, and technology to enhance service quality and resource management.

Hrdesh Kumar, Partner

Weecare Facilities stands out in the maintenance industry by ensuring clients can rely on a single provider for all their needs. The company emphasizes sustainability, using green cleaning products, energy efficient tools, and sustainable waste management practices to help clients reduce costs. Leveraging the latest technology, the firm enhances service delivery with advanced service tracking and maintenance management software, enabling proactive and predictive maintenance. Adhering to strict safety protocols and regulatory standards, the company prioritizes the safety of both clients and staff. The firm’s exceptional customer service includes responsive communication, transparent reporting, and a dedicated support team. The company uses structured surveys and questionnaires every two months to gather customer feedback, direct feedback via emails, phone calls, in-person meetings, and resident interactions during morning and evening walks.

Weecare Facilities' future roadmap includes expanding service areas, integrating advanced technology, enhancing customer experience, and investing in staff training and development. The company plans to introduce building automation systems, comprehensive waste management, and health and safety services. By focusing on these areas, the company aims to stay competitive, meet evolving client needs, and drive long-term growth in the facility management sector.