Webworkz Interactive: Reinforcing Brands' Reputation by Offering Customized ORM Strategies

Sanjoy Senapati,Founder & Chief Executive

Sanjoy Senapati

Founder & Chief Executive

In this digital world, brands get created and killed online in no time. Surveys show that around 91 percent of people read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. A single visible negative comment or review about a brand can sow a seed of distrust about the brand, get viral on the web and can eventually affect the corporate’s reputation and negatively impacting its business. Some companies tend to monitor their brand by identifying negatives surfacing about their brand, on a periodic basis and then taking measures or correcting it.

But this ideally should not be the approach. A better more proactive approach is to continuously track your brands online mention across the web, listen to users on social media, understand sentiments and positively engage with by addressing their concerns and there by building a strong buzz of the brand. “Proactively monitoring engaging and continuously creating positive online content and building brand buzz is the key to effective corporate and brand reputation,” states Sanjoy Senapati, Founder & Chief Executive, Webworkz Interactive, who holds two decades of experience in digital media.

Webworkz Interactive has been engaging with corporates in this
aspect right from 2013 - a few years after its inception in 2009. The company has created exceptional niche in the industry by providing client focussed digital marketing solutions centred around Online Listening & Reputation, Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising & Performance based marketing programs.

Well-focused on customer relationship & customer delight, Webworkz tends to improve the user experience of their product through user interface upgrades based on client feedback

Webworkz’ inhouse developed online & social media listening tool‘Buzztracker’ helps organizations monitor online websites, social media platforms and forums and help them listen to online conversations about their brand thereby gathering useful market information.

“The tool has found market acceptance amongst both private and public sector companies. Built around the core technology of Data Mining and Extraction, our tool helps users in monitoring, measuring, analysing conversations around the brand across social and online platforms,” says Mahendra More, who has been leading the tool development. Buzz trackercan assist corporate communication, publicity & marketing departments of consumer centric organizations in proactively tracking their brand mentions across multiple online platforms like news sites, social media, forums, etc and can also
assist organizations in carrying out market analysis.From verifying, correcting and aligning the information according to the client’s business goals, Webworkz aims to nurture the positive online buzz making them more visible on online platforms.

What sets Webworkz apart is its ability to offer market information & research services along with the ORM services to assist clients in understanding current market environment through industry and competitive research. Catering to the digital marketing needs of organizations, Webworkz also helps its clients develop applications that are not only graphically engaging, easily navigable,but also extremely functional. The firm leverages the latest databasing techniques and content management systems to develop these customized applications. Well-focused on customer relationship &customer delight, the company tends to improve the user experience of their product through user interface upgrades based on client feedback.

Having served both private and public sector clients in Banking & Financial Services, Education & Consumer Goods over the last few years, Webworkz is now focussing on growing the corporate reputation business amongst other consumer driven industries like Healthcare & Education where necessity of such services has become utmost. Working on innovative techniques the firm is aiming to improvise the tool by including technically advanced features, which can track and analyse audio visual content as well. Webworkz is looking at doubling its revenue in the coming financial year and envisions becoming one of the most sought-after corporate reputation management companies in India.