SepraTECH Solutions: A Single - Window Solution for all Water, Waste Water Treatment and Membrane Process Applications

V.Y. Jose, Founder & Managing Director

V.Y. Jose

Founder & Managing Director

India is home to 17.5 percent of the world’s population but has only 4 percent of the world’s water resources at its disposal. It’s been said that we are going to run out of usable water before we run out of oil. Homo sapiens are volving so rapidly, that in the entire process they are forgetting about the things that keep them alive, especially ‘Water’. There is a water crisis looming and as we speak, trillions of liters of water is being consumed improperly or is being wasted. With a growing population and rapid industrialization across both developed and emerging markets, the demand for fresh and use able water has been proliferating. V. Y.Jose, Founder and Managing Director of Vadodara based SepraTECH Solutions Pvt. Ltd. believes that the only way to address these issues is four R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and RECLAIM. Established in 2013, SepraTECH Solutions Pvt. Ltd. helps people in understanding the importance of water by focusing on ‘Reclaiming’ the valuable resource with the most cost effective solutions and frugal energy usage/wastage.

Derived from the word ‘Separation Technologies’, SepraTECH Solutions’ is recognized for providing varied products for process applications, water and wastewater treatment including design/build of packaged plants; design, engineering and project management of turnkey solutions. The firm custom designs and engineers complete systems, right from pilot to commercial scale to suit the specific requirements of different industries such aschemical, petrochemical, biotech, biochemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, dairy, sugar & distillery, biofuels, herbals, soya isolates, water /wastewater(ETP) and other sectors. As an organization offering cost effective solutions for separating and extracting the usable stream from the unusable SepraTECH Solutions’ manufacturing facility holds State-of-the-Art machinery, In House lab and Quality Control required for production. The firm has also introduced and integrated new technologies for the various upstream and downstream processes that involve separation, concentration, purification, and recovery of important value added products from different kinds of streams generated from different industrial sectors providing cost effective solutions to various problems.

SepraTECH Solutions believes in providing a technically sound solution and this is achieved by extensive study of an existing scenario in an industry. For a tricky effluent/process stream, SepraTECH Solutions conducts a three step process to establish confidence amongst its clients, speaking of which V. Y. Jose mentions, “To carry out the process, we collect samples from the client and conduct lab scale test and study the stream parameters in detail. We also have an extensive range of pilot plants where we conduct pilot trials for
the process stream and there after compile and analyze the results. We commercialize the system as a feasible and economical solution by conducting this three step process which helps in establishing confidence in the functionality and viability of the solution with technical data,facts and figures.”

With ITS Brand Slogan Being ‘Impacting Solutions/Through Innovation’ Sepratech Solutions Is Continuously Striving To Provide Innovative Solutions Which Create A Note worthy Impact Rather Than Conventional Solutions

Water Management with Energy Conservation
Dedicated to providing solutions which have the least impact on the environment, while quoting for a system, SepraTECH Solutions takes into consideration the over all operational costs of the systems. V.Y.Jose. says, “Energy consumption is one of the largest expenses in operating a water and waste water treatment plant. A major challenge faced by our clients is the energy consumed v/s output produced v/s wastage produced and striking the right balance between all three. At SepraTECH Solutions, we make sure we strike the right balance while designing any water treatment plant.” Adding further, Jose shares, “We also refer to the pump curves for actual power consumption of the system. Wherever operational costs are a criticality, we even recommend using higher electrical efficiency IE3 motors for all electro mechanical equipment. We carry out Quality Control checks which start right from the procurement until the commissioning of the system. At SepraTECH Solutions, we never design a system compromising on required design and quality;even before dispatching the system we conduct a mock commissioning factory acceptance test at our premise on actual/similar feed parameters. With environmental sustainability deeply rooted in SepraTECH Solutions’ values, it is essential to point out that within one year of establishing SepraTECH Solutions, we had received an award for our work in Industrial water treatment systems for Zero Liquid Discharge by Parivartan Sustainability Leadership.”

Blending Skills with Innovation
With over 40 years’of experience in water and wastewater treatment and specific process applications, SepraTECH Solutions’ personnel are dedicated to providing sound engineering solutions to clients while minimizing overall project costs and surpassing extreme quality expectations. “At SepraTECH, we believe in not just supplying plants but also making the end user remember us on the cost effectiveness of the solutions provided, the remarkable quality and prompt service and support. We have been thriving majorly on existing customers’ satisfaction and are always of the opinion that ‘A Customer brings a Customer’. We share our customer success credit with our skilled team based on whose suggestions on current market scenarios and constant customer feedback we always bring in the latest technically feasible technologies after critically reviewing what is best for
the Indian market. Currently, we are working on Phosphate recovery from the filtrate of dewatered energy from biological sewage sludge(2019); Commercialization of state of art fruit juice membrane based clarification system(2019) and others.

Today, SepraTECH Solutions follows the guidelines drafted by CentralPublic Health and Environmental Engineering Organization (CPHEEO) while designing its sewage/ effluent treatment systems and strictly adheres to the treated water limits standardized by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and Pollution Control Boards of Individual State wherein it provides its solutions. With its customer centric approach, SepraTECH Solutions has successfully bagged clients like BHEL, CEAT, CHEMBOND, ATUL LTD, SHELL, and many more. The firm’s skills and expertise are well reflected through the numerous projects delivered by the firm which includes, Supply of Acid Recovery Membrane System(2018); Supply of state-of the-art ‘Zero Liquid Drop Discharge’(ZLDD) system to the World’s 1st pre painted steel coating manufacturer(2018); Commercialization of Silica Removal System (2018); Supply and successful commissioning of sulphate removal membrane system for India’s only Sodium Chlorate Manufacturer(2019); Supply of sewage treatment plant and biological sludge dewatering system for Asia’s 1st one of a kind project funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for generating energy from biological sewage sludge(2019); Commercialization of state-of-art fruit juice membrane based clarification system (2019)and others.

With its brand slogan being‘Impacting Solutions through Innovation’, SepraTECH Solutions is continuously striving to provide innovative solutions which create a note worthy impact rather than conventional solutions. “We stand out in the prevailing cut throat competition by abiding by this slogan as our core value. Our good will amongst customer as a solution provider is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy,” utters V. Y. Jose. Having achieved a 200 percent YoY growth in FY 2017 - 2018 to FY 2018-2019, for future, SepraTECH Solutions is not just aiming to grow in numbers but the firm is also looking forward to spreading its reach across major cities of the country.

Leveraging Technology To Offer Quality Solutions
•SepraHYBRID Sewage Treatment System - For treating sewage A combination of Moving bed bio reactor and membrane bio reactor system
•SepraBIOMBBR System For treating sewage with MBBR media and filtration system
•SepraBIOMBRsewage with Submerged membrane filtration system
•emperature/Pressure RO Membrane Systems For Zero Liquid Discharge Systems Increasing the recovery and lowering the concentrated reject to multi effect evaporator(MEE) thereby reducing overall OPEX and volume of effluent
•SepraBWRO/SepraSWRO Brackish & Seawater RO Membrane system with efficient design and top notch quality
•SepraHFUF Hollow fiber UF Membrane system with efficient design and top notch quality
•SepraNFNano Filtration Membrane System built with an efficient design for specific process applications saving on cost & energy