WAM Electronics : Preparing Small Manufacturers to Embrace Make In India

The small-scale manufacturers in India do not have enough resources or a fully equipped infrastructure for product development or research. The make in India initiative has seen a substantial rise in those companies which help these manufacturers, hence supporting the cause. WAM electronics is an Electronic Service Provider truly determined to support make in India by providing its services to the small and medium business enterprises.

The company was started in January 2015 under co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Mohd. Ahmed. The company is based in Noida with its clients all across the company. WAM Electronics does not manufacture or sell products, it is rather engaged in product designing and research and development. It provides end-to-end solutions to its clients in the process.

Providing Cost-Effective Solutions to Small Manufacturers
WAM Electronics believes that the Make in India movement can only be uplifted if the small-scale manufacture industry is focused upon. These manufacturers sometimes have innovative ideas but due to the lack of support and development facilities, those ideas cannot be converted into commercial products.

WAM electronics provides commercial product designs to its clients that are not only practically viable, but also cost- effective. It hand holds its clients throughout the design and development process and provides quality solutions to them. This is the company USP. Along with this, it is dedicated to client-confidentiality and timely delivery of the projects.

The company has a specialization in providing commercially viable product design and development. WAM deals in solar related technology, power electronics, software development, monitoring machines, smart machines, automated machines, micro-controller devices or chip devices.
The company has an experience with working in the solar industry, IOT industry, pollution machine industry; IOT enabled environmental services, water treatment, AC and other controllers, and medical products.

Bringing Transparency in the Process
WAM not only believes in its client confidentiality but also believes in collaborative working with them, allowing them full disclosure and independence while working. The product development is a long process as the hardware, software, and server components are involved.

Mohd Muawwiz,Director

WAM Electronics has a team of qualified engineers, specialized in various fields like ­ research, design, and development. The team is passionate and keeps dedicated in its work through continual training and learning. The research and development team are engaged in the depth analysis and then educates the other team about designing the product and making in commercially viable. There are 11 engineers in the team and the tech-team has 25 professionals.

provides commercial product designs to its clients that are not only practically viable, but also cost- effective

Contributing to Make in India
WAM Electronics has enabled more than 50 companies, empowering Make in India, with more than 100 commercial projects completed across the country. There was not much revenue growth seen in the last year due to pandemic, but not a single employee was laid off. The future road-map for WAM would be to assist more small-scale manufacturers in providing cost-effective commercial product development solutions and engaging in more projects like - Solar pump irrigation, solar inverters, etc. Along with this, it also plans to expand its in-house team and bag more projects.