Walter Cuminns Shipping Services: Sailing Strong, Breaking Barriers, & Delivering Excellence

Reegesh Ramakrishnan ,Founder & CEOShipping and logistics is considered as the lifelines of every developing economy. Because of the massive 7,516 km coastline that Indian mainland comprises of and the ongoing industrial revolution phenomenon in the country, around 95 percent of our trading by volume and 68 percent by value is done through maritime transport (according to Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Waterways). As a result, there is a huge demand for high quality shipping services across the country. While there are a number of such shipping companies currently operating in the market, one company that stands a class apart from the rest is Walter Cuminns Shipping Services (WCS).

The company was founded in 2021 by Reegesh Ramakrishnan (Founder & CEO) with a vision to be the one-stop-shop for all shipping and maritime needs. Today, the company has grown significantly since its inception and has offices in India (Gujarat, Andra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal), Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, UAE, Bangladesh, and Spain.

Service Portfolio
As an end-to-end maritime shipping company, WCS offers a wide range of services that include Ship Sales & Purchase, Port Agency & Crew Husbandry, Dry Cargo Chartering, Vessel Broking, Holidays Crew Manning and Port Desk Solutions, to name a few. Additionally, the company regards customer satisfaction as paramount and follows a ‘no compromise’ approach to all of these services.
As a result, it is on a mission to provide world-class shipping experience and create happier clients without any comprise on the quality of services.

“We provide extensive shipping market coverage, ship broking expertise and a fully integrated service to global clients. Sale and purchase brokering, Shipping Agency of the used vessels/ships is our core activity, wherein with a worldwide client base and a wealth of transaction experience, the company assists its clients from identifying opportunities through to the successful delivery of the vessel.

Additionally, we have Holidays & Tours, Crew Manning, Astaria Port Desk (FDA Processing Centre). Going that extra mile, WCS also offers financial assistance to its clientele through its strategic partnerships with various financial institutions worldwide, the major services being Sale/Leasebacks, Equity/Debt Raising and JV Arrangements", explains Reegesh.

Team of Exceptionally Skilled Professionals
The Founder Reegesh himself has over 15 years of profound experience in the shipping sector, which has been a huge value-addition for WCS. The company also has a team of Master Mariners, Agency Managers who are highly qualified and always ensure to maintain industry-best standards in terms of service quality and efficiency.

Additionally, the firm maintains strict recruitment guidelines such as academic background verification, proficiency in basis technical skills and many others for each of its Master Mariners, Operational Managers and other employees – all of whom possess 20+ years of experience in their respective areas. Because of such fine practices, WCS now has 300+ vessels and was also the first company to attend 100+ vessels in its inception year during covid.

We provide extensive shipping market coverage, vessel/port agency expertise & a fully integrated service to global clients

Explaining about the company’s future roadmap, Reegesh says, “Our no-compromise approach to quality and trust of the owners, charters and various other stakeholders in us has played a key role in our company’s humongous success so far. Currently, we are operational across five portfolios and are looking at aggressively expanding in chartering and ship management areas. We also have plans to take over the vessels and manage the ship covering the insides, while simultaneously starting charter of their ships and have division of ship management. Lastly, we want to expand our team of employees extensively in the cargo broking”.