WadzPay: Developing Blockchain-Based Payments Environment that is Interoperable & Agnostic

Anish Jain,MD & CEO

Anish Jain


Different protocols are used to create a digital currency. The players in this market are prone to myopic, focusing solely on the protocol that they employ. However, the world of digital currency is rapidly changing, and protocols introduced only a few years ago may be quickly surpassed by more advanced technologies. Customers are not provided with the flexibility of choice with this vertical strategy, and they are unable to select the most efficient and cost-effective option after subscribing to a service provider in this industry.

WadzPay allows for compatibility between all digital currencies and current payment systems, even banking; this gives the customers more options and helps the market find a balance that favours the best solutions for each use case.

WadzPay is an interoperable block-chain-based payments ecosystem. The company was founded in 2018 in Singapore and currently operates in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa. WadzPay saw the potential for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CB-DCs) and Digital Assets as having the ability to lead the next revolution in the payments industry by providing speedier payments, increased security, and cost-efficiency with flexibility. To facilitate digital asset-based transaction processing and settlement, WadzPay is collaborating with significant international payment firms, banks, and global enterprises.
A Payment Technology Company
WadzPay is a payment technology firm that is developing an interoperability layer for all sorts of digital currencies, such as crypto currencies, stable coins, and CBDCs. Anish Jain, the Managing Director and CEO of WadzPay, says, “The Atlytica Engine, which transforms the challenge of interoperability into a reality, is the backbone of our products. The App (which we also white-label for our clients), the Merchant Account Manager (a cutting-edge system that allows for the integration of existing and emerging payment methods), and WadzPay Analytics make up the front end of our technology (which allows for deep data analysis to optimize and improve business success, using Mer-chant Account Manager data inputs). Issuance, Acceptance, and Remittance, Trade Finance, and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)-like products and solutions are the product categories in which we operate”.

Up to 40 percent of payments will be made via digital currencies through digital wallets by 2025, indicating a substantial shift from traditional payments in the coming years and predicted to strengthen its prominence for the foreseeable future. Adding to this, WadzPay had previously stated its intention to increase public knowledge about digital currencies by expanding operations in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. This is inextricably linked to the predicted explosive expansion of digital wallets and digital currency over the next five years.

WadzPay's technology will be recognized and used, linking the digital financial ecosystem and giving under-banked people solutions and access to finance

The Future of WadzPay
WadzPay's tremendous growth in terms of business and team will be the focus in 2021. Major industry participants large payment businesses, and respectable financial institutions have formed strategic partnerships.

The company's major goal is to make CBDC (central bank digital currency) and digital asset-based payments a global phenomenon. “WadzPay's technology will be recognized and used, linking the digital financial ecosystem and giving under-banked people with solutions and access to finance. WadzPay will expand its global footprint now that the Proof of Concept has been completed. In Q4 of 2021, we'll be focusing on bringing many of our partners online and starting to process large quantities of transactions through the WadzPay platform,” concludes Anish.