Vrinda Nano Technologies: Gratifying Telecom Operators' Complex Power Management Requirements with Simplicity & Efficiency

Vikas Almadi,MDDeregulation and antagonism in wire-line & wireless infrastructure telecommunication systems coupled with increasing bandwidth have accelerated the need for sterling power-management solutions for telecom equipment. In this scenario of high complexity, diversification, & competitiveness, quality of services provided to users shall be a differential factor for telecommunication service providers to survive in the market. Additionally, the quality & efficient solutions can also optimize their capital investments. Facilitating telecom operator companies to make most out of this current scenario of intensive use of information and communication technologies, Vrinda Nano Technologies (VNT) endows them with a profusion of services that will invigorate their offerings and drive results. A devotee of technology, VNT leverages technology to decipher the power related issues with much simplicity & better efficiency.

Having certified manufacturing facilities at IMT Manesar(Gurgaon)for electronic product fabrication and testing, the company offers eminent & comprehensive products and protection solutions for energy conservation devices. Moreover, possessing a highly qualified team of professionals having wide
experience of engineering,enables VNT to offer engineered customized products that will suit the client’s business. The team works dovetailed with the clients to address their critical power management, protection and remote monitoring needs.

Working further towards a cleaner & a greener planet, VNT’s products are engineered to be highly energy efficient.

We believe that innovation and dedication towards making things simple and efficient are keeping & will keep us above any competition

These eco-friendly inexhaustible energy solutions expedite telecom operators in India and in other developing countries to maximise the fuel efficiency, reduce the carbon footprint, and hence make sites adaptable to future technologies in green energy. Well, apart from these in-house facilities VNT also embroils international firms in its endeavours. Besides being associated with DEHN+ SÖHNE(Germany)to facilitate operators to protect their sites against dangerous overvoltage caused by lightning strikes, the company also helps them in protecting electrical panels from possible fire hazards, in association with StatX (US). The company is only 100% Indian company providing complete Engineering solutions for Lightning protection saving life of millions and protecting vital assets to ensure continuity in services of their clients.
An Innovation Hub

Incepted in 2003 with a vision to simplify the complex power management requirements of telecom operators, VNT has grown in leaps & bounds and today it’s deemed as a trusted partner for protection and energy management in telecom , Oil Gas and solar business segments. This strategic power management company stands tall as the leading solution provider for a full range of remote monitoring, lightning protection and mission-critical power management applications for telecommunication, railways, petrochemicals, defence & renewable energy sectors.

A truly knowledge-driven company armed with strong R&D and field analysis teams, with innovation at its heart, VNT is known for introducing the first GPRS based remote monitoring system for passive infrastructure sites in India. This shrewd remote monitoring solution coupled with LTE & SNMP facilitates telecom operators to do preventive maintenance effectively, thereby reducing the downtime radically. The company that is currently working on IoT-based solutions, intends to launch more such innovative products in the market. As Vikas Almadi, Managing Director, Vrinda Nano Technologies, states, “We believe that innovation and dedication towards making things simple and efficient are keeping & will keep us above any competition”. This optimistic roadmap will aid it in achieving its long-term target – to become one of the world's leading engineering company and help customers to use electrical power efficiently, increase industrial productivity and lower environmental impact in a sustainable way.