VivahaLive: Redefining Weddings with Unparalleled Viewing Experience through Seamless Streaming & Webcasting

Dinesh Mani G, Founder & Executive Director

Dinesh Mani G

Founder & Executive Director

With the Indian wedding industry metamorphosing from grand to grandiose, a constant evolution in trends like escalation in destination weddings and overseas after parties, among others, are treat to eyes. However, these also pave ways to receiving few ‘with regrets’ wedding RSVPs from close kiths and kin, who fail to mark their attendance due to personal or professional reasons. Nevertheless, sharing the special day with special ones no longer calls for an in-person presence with the ascent in technology. Opening doors to possibilities for viewing nuptials in real-time by endowing an uninterrupted live-streaming, wedding webcasting connects hearts and souls around the globe. A perfect archetype is the Bangalore-born VivahaLive, a leading live wedding webcasting company recognized as the most-preferred vendor in South India by accomplishing 1,000,000 minutes of live streaming. A pet project of Dinesh Mani G, the company specializes in live streaming of weddings of all traditions from Delhi and Ambala in the North to Kanyakumari and Trivandrum in the South.

“VivahaLive Team, Thank you all for the excellent work done. We are proud and pleased that we chose your service,” exclaims Malavika &
Vivek, a Chennai-based couple expressing their gratitude for the technologically elated and emotionally delighted streaming rendered by VivahaLive. Exercising bleeding-edge technology (IT infrastructure running on a robust, fault-tolerant, and secure virtual private cloud), the company showcases the finest level of viewing and live streaming without any disruption from any remote location. It uses a device which pairs multiple internet sources and uplinks videos with combined speed, with the least latency. The technology splits the video data packets from the camera into chunks and transmits it to cloud media server which is then knitted using an algorithm and transcoded to common viewable format for end delivery via a CDN.

Exercising bleeding-edge technology, the company showcases the finest level of viewing and live streaming without any disruption from any remote location

Envisaging Near to Real Experiences
When debuted in 2011, VivahaLive found it exorbitantly high to implement webcasting amidst limited technological infrastructures; but as necessities drew elevated, it went on to become the first movers into global webcasting, endowing engaging near to real viewing experiences to the end users. Its seamless streaming and cost-effective solutions enabled it to screen on various mediums- desktops, televisions, and handheld devices. Further, the company
portraits and casts the wedding proceeding live on exclusive wedding websites and/or social media platforms (Facebook and YouTube), as per the clients’ requirements.

Offering a well-packaged high-quality live streaming facility, VivahaLive devises a MO that works along the arms of the clock with a minimum package of six hours that envelops a basic wedding event. It also plays pre-start advertisements in the package that works as an additional source of revenue through a global receiving point, especially NRI audience. The higher packages include advertisements-free12 hours and on multiple days for extravagant weddings running into sessions like Mehendi, Sangeet, and nuptial ceremony. VivahaLive also proffers end-to-end wedding media facilities including an online photo album, email invitation, and unlimited viewers, among others.

Adhering to all television media industry standards, VivahaLive delivers contents with advanced access controls like geoblocking and password protection. The company is refining its algorithms and implementing error correction, while opening up platforms for external use. With a huge affiliate network base, the company maps the length and breadth of the country, working with candid photographers, wedding cinematographers, event managers, and few corporates (for live streaming corporate events). “Rising with a 40 percent YOY growth, we are planning to make webcasting a fundamental part of every Indian wedding by cohering with a wide range of partners,” concludes Dinesh.