VisualBest: Telling Brand Stories Through Quality Designs

Santosh Kushwaha,FounderGraphic design is the most powerful art that has breathed fresh life into digital marketing. This modern form of art has added a contemporary flair to the advertisement profile of every company. It also acts as one of the key components to build brand awareness and influence the customer's decision-making process. Until the recent past, many entrepreneurs and decision-makers failed to understand the importance of graphic design. Now, there is a huge interest as the two industries are becoming inseparable.

Ghaziabad-based VisualBest, a leading graphic design agency has successfully catered to businesses in the field of design, web development, and social media marketing. Founded by Santosh Kushwaha and established in 2016, VisualBest has completed over 2,500 projects for domestic and international clients.

Advancing the right design-driven products and tools
VisualBest has expertise in creating every kind of explainer and service videos. VisualBest is also in the B2B segment specializing in creating premium explainer videos for large creative agencies. Through a combination of icons, custom illustration design, and data visualizations in infographics, VisualBest brings clarity to information and make targeted story more powerful and captivating that helps in driving more brand sales and website traffic.
VisualBest offers high-quality videos in various forms - animated video production, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, 2D and 3D animated videos, promotional videos, character animation, motion graphics, fluid animation, B-roll, and mix media videos. VisualBest delivers work from scratch like script writing, story boarding, voice over to its final destination in order to match client's style requirements and brand guidelines. VisualBest creates custom illustration design and artworks for a client's brand by creating images that offer diverse services in varied domains such as book cover illustrations, magazine cover illustrations, character illustrations, storyboard illustrations, caricature illustrations, and much more.

VisualBest team is continuously researching and updating their programs by using latest in technology to stay true to clients. VisualBest uses automation technology for communication like Trello, Asana, Skype, and Team viewer. In the case of production, VisualBest uses the latest versions of Adobe and Infinity Designers products. Each of their customers gets a dedicated project manager and a team. Together, they ensure the quality of services that stays in alignment with client's expectations.

VisualBest team works around the clock with global clients

A dedicated team and growth factor
One of the most significant advantages clients get is the assurance of customized and original videos with no plagiarism or duplication of any kind in VisualBest. Presently powered by a team of more than 25 creatives and 200+ client-base and believes that companies flourish when their team puts in extra effort and starts treating the company as own. Thus, VisualBest tries to grow on individual levels first, so that they can make the team progress and in turn the company.

When VisualBest incepted in 2016, the company's revenue was around 30 lakhs per annum. Since then, VisualBest has only multiplied and recently grown to a 2crore+ company. VisualBest has accomplished their 5000th assignment lately, which is a proud moment for the company. VisualBest has gained a lot of experience and now is focused only on B2B customers, with 90 percent of them based out of the USA. From here on for the next 2-3 years, VisualBest's roadmap is to grow the company by thrice the size with priority always being to produce and provide quality services to existing clients. At the same time, VisualBest also wants to expand its client base and team to deliver more creative services.