Visual Sculptors: Crafting Customized Presentation Design for Impactful Communication

Sampath Kumar S, Managing Director

Sampath Kumar S

Managing Director

Presentations often play an important role in marketing and business development. In the current era, presentations are widely used by corporate organizations for various purposes like to sell an idea or introduce a product, for training & discussion to communicate internally & externally and many more. Hence the presentation must be pleasant. A good presentation with simple layouts may just convey the message to the audience, but a great presentation with attractive visuals and minute details always engages the audience in a deeper level.

To solve the presentation challenges, enterprises nowadays are hiring or outsourcing their work to freelance designers or design service providers. But if a company wants the value for money and go long term, then engaging with a professional presentation design services company is worth considering. One such connoisseur in presentation designing is Visual Sculptors a Chennai-based PowerPoint design company that offers best-in-class services to its clients and helps them mitigate their challenges while making a distinct place in the industry. Established in 2016, Visual Sculptors is led by a team of talented graphic designers and is renowned in the industry for transforming the client’s ideas and thoughts into creative designs improvising on every design aspect.

The Presentation Experts
Visual Sculptors’ forte is crafting an impressive PowerPoint slide that encompasses the right blend of design elements carrying a powerful key message to
impress the audience. Its primary offerings comprise of customized PowerPoint designs that suit every purpose Pitch presentations, sales deck, RFPs, financial & audit reports, annual reports, conference & seminar, branding presentations, fundraising for startup, and more. Additionally, Visual Sculptors’ service portfolio includes crafting brochure pamphlets & flyers design, word/excel design support, and Google Slides/Keynote presentations as well. “It’s our presentation designs along with other value additions that bring-in professional quality deliverables of visible reach and impact,” states Sampath Kumar S, Managing Director, Visual Sculptors.

It’s our presentation designs along with other value additions that bring-in professional quality deliverables of visible reach and impact

There is no doubt that crafting a PowerPoint slide design is an art as well as science. Visual Sculptors is proficient in both, and the firm strives hard to put the best in front of the audience through story telling, animation, data representation, graphs and figures. “At Visual Sculptors, we distinguish ourselves from other design agencies. We specialize in the art and technology of effective professional looking presentations. Not just to create amazing look slide decks, but also decrypt complex data into engage able and interesting content that best fits the client need and suits to dynamic business process change,” avers Karthick Chandrasekaran, Client Director, Visual Sculptors.

Staying at the forefront of the industry, the firm constantly endeavours to improve the client satisfaction level and acknowledge every positive appreciation & constructive criticism received from the client on each project and improvise its quality improvement program regularly. Besides, Visual Sculptors vests immense emphasis on compliance and integrity. “Not only do we comply with the non-disclosure agreement of client and strictly adhere to complete client confidentiality but also preserve client information by employing stringent security measures such as restricted access to our office premises, secured server storage, password protected computers, latest IT infrastructure with firewall security, and more,” explains Sivakumar R, Creative Director, Visual Sculptors.

With such dedicated services, Visual Sculptors has etched a name for itself as a reliable organization in the corporate presentation designing sector. The firm has been accredited with over 95 percent job success ratio from 500+ clients across the globe with proven credentials in Upwork, a leading freelancing portal trusted by over five million businesses. In the coming future, the firm aims to continue its good work of empowering the clients while bringing high value to their presentations at affordable costs.