Vista Car Care: In-House Manufacturer of Eco-Friendly & Economical Auto Detailing Products via Seamless R&D

P Venkata Krishnayya, Business Unit Head

P Venkata Krishnayya

Business Unit Head

Until the recent past, car cleaning was considered as a mere luxury market in India wherein customers chose products mostly from brands with a wide international presence. But Vista Car Care, an emerging leader in automotive detailing products, is rewriting this scenario with its in-house manufacturing facility in India, furnished with the state-of-the-art infrastructure that can scale up to any level. Adhering to the norms of Make in India programme, the firm’s dedicated team develops, tests and executes application of each car care product at its in-house R&D center, thereby provides an honest pricing point to customers while maintaining top-notch quality. “Unlike the other car care companies, we are a purely innovation-driven firm developing eco-friendly & sustainable products/solutions in-house for a large basket including two wheelers, four wheelers and car air fresheners with customer-oriented motives, and can be customized,”asserts P Venkata Krishnayya, Business Unit Head, Vista Car Care.

Truly Driven by Innovation
Equipped with the latest equipment for testing, Vista Car Care's in-house application centre,‘Vista Experience Centre’ is one of the pre-eminent hubs dealing with the advancements in technologies of car care products. The center also provides training to channel partners, distributors, and even new employees on applications of its products. While working in tandem with its parent company Resil Chemicals, the firm has come up with an innovative anti - bacterial product 'Helmet Kleen'. Unveiled after four years of seamless research, this chemical-free and eco-friendly product is based on a patented Nano-silver technology that can give a perfect finish to the vehicle irrespective of the stainat a less price. No wonder this product has bagged the Innovation Award for its exceptional features and functionality. In addition, the firm has launched its air freshner 'Odour Fresh', developed from silver technology to eliminate any sort of malodour in the vehicles for good, unlike the air fresheners which just suppress the malodours.

" We are a purely innovation-driven firm developing eco-friendly & sustainable products/solutions in-house for a large basket including two wheelers, four wheelers and car air fresheners"

Poising its pace with the innovations across international markets, Vista Car Care’s dedicated R&D team is currently working on a spray& wipe ‘Stain Guard’ with ease of application that can repel any stain including
tough stains such as sauce. The firm is also researching in-house on a first-of-its-kind, home-made, scratch-proof and highly durable ceramic coating that can greatly ease the cleaning process and bring a glossy look to the vehicle. To summarize, Vista Car Care’s sole emphasis is on creating feasible yet economical products with certified skin-friendly assurance (mostly in an eco-friendly but sustainable way) while monitoring all its critical parameters that might affect the vehicles.

Diligence in Every Step
Prioritizing channel partners with specialized domains from the generic ones, which helps go deep into the market,the firm today owns a distribution network with 170+ channel partners across India to not just cater individual customers but also the B2B sector with high-quality and economical products. With one of the largest manpower network, the company is not only able to resolve any complaint within 24 hours, but also arrange application demos at the retailers' outlets to create awareness on its products and also escalate their revenues.

With its recent operations across Northeast India, Vista Car Care will be expanding into J&K by 2019 while exploring export opportunities at Sri Lanka, Nepal and Middle East.Moreover, the firm is also planning to enlarge its application centre into a full -fledged fabrication centre very soon.