Vision Trade India: Promising Instant & Confirmed Deals to All Business Houses

Amarnath Singh, Founder & CEO

Amarnath Singh

Founder & CEO

The B2B world has grown by leaps and bounds over the recent years in tandem with the emerging technologies. Yet, most of the B2B portals only provide website, inquiries banners, catalogues and other elements to the suppliers, traders and manufacturers, but no confirmed deals for their business. Besides, the clients invest a lot of money and time across B2B portals just to acquire one good buyer. Further, in the process of following-up with the buyer, they tend to shift all their focus towards these portals, rather than their own business.

It's high time these businesses break out of this chaos and associate with reliable companies like Vision Trade India(VTI)that has been redefining the way deals are offered to business houses. Certified by ISO VTI stands at the forefront to provide all business houses with instant and confirmed deals, which is the key requirement for any business today. This way clients need not follow-up with the buyers and focus on their retail business thereby saving money as well as time. Undoubtedly, the company functions in accordance with its tagline & USP ‘Life above B2B Portals' presenting businesses way beyond the offerings of a B2B portal.

Offerings Galore
VTI offers a spectrum of direct solutions as
well as services ranging from Welcome Connect, Silver Connect Gold Connect to Platinum Connect for business houses to acquire instant buyers online and close deals. The benefits that stay common among these services are arranging an expert team to study the client's company and phone call or one-on-one meeting for more information. Speaking of the idiosyncrasies Welcome Connect includes the provision of one relevant buyer attachment wherein the client needs to confirm the buyer's authenticity, post which VTI confirms the deal.Offerings Galore

VTI ensures to connect every business within India or abroad with its key requirement, while levying complete emphasis on buyers ­ the primordial assets of any business

Similarly, Silver Connect entails one deal, two relevant buyers' attachment and weekly report, and Gold Connect entails two deals, five relevant buyers' attachment and weekly report along with live demo by VTI's experts. Moreover, Platinum Connect entails four deals, 10 relevant buyers' attachment, weekly report along with live demo by VTI's experts and one dedicated VTI expert(10-hour/day). Amarnath Singh, Founder & CEO, Vision Trade India, adds, "We ensure to connect every business within India or abroad with its key requirement through these services, while levying complete emphasis on buyers ­ the primordial assets of any business".

Unique Concept
For instance when one of VTI's clients, a Jeans manufacturer approached multiple B2B portals, the client had to personally follow-up with each buyer online. But VTI in deed offered one/two buyers whom they were already following-up with, thereby enabling the client to directly close the deal with the buyer. In a nutshell all a business got to do is explain its product to VTI and fetch instant details with no investment in website catalogues or banners.

At the backend of VTI lies a team of industry experts with 10 years of experience & expertise, SEO team that delivers regular updates on industry, sales team that welcomes business houses and other teams. Despite its inception in 2019, this New Delhi based company is geared-up to serve more Indian as well as international business houses with what they exactly want!