Vishwa Samudra Engineering: Revolutionizing With Futuristic And Sustainable Solutions

Anil Yendluri,Managing Director

Anil Yendluri

Managing Director

The global civil engineering market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4 percent and reach $13.35 trillion by 2027. This welcoming market is a rising public-private partnership to aid infrastructure development in emerging economies including India and is expected to propel tremendous growth in the future. With that said, the current scenario of the civil engineering market in India is very promising. However, infrastructure wise we are yet to catch up, be it in terms of roads, irrigational canals, dams, water harvesting projects, ports, harbor infrastructure, and power generation and distribution ­ everywhere, there is a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, the government of India is rightly focusing on building infrastructure in various areas.

Aligned to this, Infrastructure development is on the verge of witnessing a massive boom. The government has the vision to develop infrastructure worth 11 lakh crore in just 5 years. Between 2014-15 and 2021-22, the overall expenditure on construction of national highways has increased to 1, 83,101 crore from 38,867 crore. In the same period, the total length of national highways has increased to 1, 37,625 km (as of 20 March 2021) from 91,287 km in April 2014 - a 50 percent jump. The shift in the adoption of new approaches in the construction of roads has led to several benefits including cost reduction, improved quality, time reduction, and more.

The robust government strategies and technological developments are increasing the opportunities for the civil engineering market by leaps & bounds. From pavement constructions, repair & restorations, aviation infrastructures, and bridges to the flyover and more, the requirements now are diversified. Such diversified needs require newer solutions and products, with services including design, consultancy, material supply, site supervision, ground improvement solutions, landfills, soil stabilization, consolidation, and much more.

In our current edition of `Top Civil Engineering Companies', Siliconindia brings to you the story of a reliable brand, Vishwa Samudra Engineering to recognize and appreciate its innovative and unique contribution to the Infrastructure development & construction market. The exclusive conversation with Anil Yendluri-Managing Director, VSE, and Vallabhaneni Srinivas-CEO & Director, VSE, showcases some interesting facts about the company.

A Forward-Thinking Company
Armed with a futuristic approach, Vishwa Samudra Engineering's foray into Urban Infrastructure, Port Operations, Exports, Information Technology, and Geo-spatial Technologies has marked the beginning of a new era in innovation and excellence in infrastructure space. The company's integrated suite of multi-disciplinary infrastructure services focuses on addressing complex challenges and delivering turn-key projects with an unwavering commitment to a sustainable environment.

Led by a visionary team, the company's approach to building the new India is defined by innovative methods in selecting and integrating processes to create long-term and large-scale projects. Committed to a sustainable environment, VSE delivers extraordinary quality and selects first-grade construction materials throughout the project execution.

Vishwa Samudra Engineering (VSE) is focused on bringing the latest technologies into the civil engineering space. "By adopting new technologies infrastructure can be developed faster, world-class quality can be brought in and projects can be completed in a cost control mechanism. Earlier it would take a lot of days to lay one kilometer of road, but today we are laying around 37 km of road in a single day.

Our road technology ­Stabilroad is a German technology, which is gaining acceptance across the states in the country, many technical institutes have approved its quality and we are going to play a crucial role in that segment. We are very particular that we just want to grow in a big way. We are focused on taking up good projects and delivering them on time. We have a clear focus on quality, time, and cost factors," says Anil Yendluri, Managing Director.

Stabilroad: Staying Ahead Of The Curve
Stabilroad is a cement additive that has been in use for more than 15 years in Europe where the weather conditions are much more severe than in India ­ fluctuating from -20 to +35 Degrees Celsius. Though the variations are less in India, the northern states like Ladakh or Kashmir, experience similar conditions as in Europe. As a rescue,
Stabilroad offers huge savings in aggregates usage while constructing the road. "Many states are banning mining due to landslide issues like Kerala's recent ban on mining due to land sliding issues. Bihar and UP have issues with aggregates because they have to procure them from a long distance. So we figured out that this is the right time to bring in this technology as our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari have given huge impetus to road development and safety", mentions Vallabhaneni Srinivas, CEO & Director.

Stabilroad is a very fast-paced technology. The entire process of laying the road is mechanized, so there is hardly any labor involved. One unit has 7 machines so they operate as a chain one after another. "Going by Nitin Gadkari's focus to increase the Km of road constructed each day, this technology will be extremely useful. For constructing a Greenfield road we can easily construct 1km per day of road. If we put to work 2-3 units in the same project then we can construct 3 lane km per day which is very fast, since we don't depend on aggregates, we just get cement and mix it with additives, use existing soil and construct the roads," he informs.

Srinivas Vallabhaneni, Director & CEO

The Ceos Note On The Milestones Achieved
The first pilot project was constructed on a stretch of 4km, four years ago in Adani Krishnapatnam Port, which was under the management of the VSE Chairman at that time. The idea was given to our Chairman Sasidhar while playing a round of Golf and he readily agreed to try it in his port as there is a lot of truck movement happening there and the roads were getting badly damaged. He said, "If the technology proves successful in the port then it can be used anywhere in the country." In the past 4 years, the road has been completely intact without any minor damage.

VSE wants to be recognized as a technology-driven and quality-oriented infrastructure company

Over the period, we have constructed more roads in the port and we have gone ahead with pilot projects in different parts of the country ­ Kerala where there is very heavy rainfall, Punjab has a difference in temperature between summer and winter, Andaman, Bihar, UP, AP, and Telangana. The icing on the cake is the contract awarded to us for reconstructing the runway in GMR International airport. The difference here is, roads can be repaired but a runway in the airport cannot be closed for repair as it will cause a huge loss. If we can do a runway where huge cargo airplanes land and take off, then normal city roads will be flawless.

“With a far-reaching vision and commitment, Vishwa Samudra engineering is poised to ride on the wave of huge infrastructure building in the country with highways, bridges, and ports to build a stronger, infra-powered India”

We have done Stabilroads in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Kerala. Though, they are three to four years old now there are hardly any maintenance issues, because of which many governments are accepting and coming forward to adapt Stabilroad technology to build roads. This technology is extremely environment-friendly. In the public interest, our goal is to build more sustainable projects change the world for the better.

The Managing Director Highlights The Future Endeavors
We want to be qualitatively different from other competitors in this sector. We want to be identified as a technology-driven, quality-oriented infrastructure company. We relentlessly drive to deliver the most successful outcomes; we align our capabilities to our customers' objectives to create a lasting positive impact.

We are well equipped to meet the demands of the future. The Ministry of Road Transport has come up with a circular which helps new technologies and it has particularly mentioned that wherever aggregates are an issue these technologies have to be used. As a company we have been increasing the number of units every year, right now we own 3 units imported from Germany. We have bagged a recent project from NHAI in Kerala, we plan to start it in September and finish it before time. We plan to focus on HAM projects ­ The hybrid annuity model which will be maintained by us for 15 years. We are very sure about the quality and lifecycle reduction offered by this technology.

We are also trying to get innovative using Stabilroad and cement. We will use it in irrigation lining because a lot of canals have breaches with water seepage. We have tied up with IIT Hyderabad for a pilot project to see how Stabilroad will enhance cement properties to cure leakages. We are also looking at artificial aggregates because getting aggregates will be a problem in the next 10-15 years. So we are striving to develop artificial aggregates using Stabilroad and cement. It's at the nascent stage right now.

We are also planning to explore other countries like Africa, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, where people have to import aggregates. Northeast is the prime focus of our government to build roads, connecting borders. There are a lot of states which have aggregates like Tripura, Assam, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh.

Anil Yendluri, Managing Director
The epitome of discipline in the civil engineering industry, an ex-IPS officer with experience in leading large infrastructure conglomerates. He is renowned for focused and value-driven development strategies that spearhead growth.

Srinivas Vallabhaneni, Director & CEO
Armed with vast industrial experience and strong strategic and leadership skills, he is the driving force behind Vishwa Samudra's profitability and sustainable growth.

VSE has leading-edge skills in the construction of Green Field Roads using Environment-friendly technology for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of existing damaged Asphalt pavements using state-of-the-art equipment.

The Current Projects of VSE are
· AP Panchayat Raj - Aiib External Aided Projects
· Nhai - Andaman And Nicobar Islands